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Who are the Top 5 Returning Quarterbacks in College Football?

Returning Quarterbacks
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Who will be returning!? Is the question now that the 2023 college football season is in the past? Everyone's attention is centered on the best 2024 returning quarterbacks.

The NFL is drafting a fair amount of extraordinary quarterbacks, but, that doesn't mean college football won't continue to have highly skilled and talented ones next season. In order, let's check out the top 5 returning quarterbacks for the 2024 season below.

Top 5 Returning QUARTERbacks!

No. 1 Carson Beck, Georgia

According to, Carson Beck finished the season with 24 passing completed touchdowns. He threw for an eye-opening 3,941 yards and completed 302 out of 417 attempts. Which estimates a 72% passing rate while rushing for 116 yards. His 2.39-second recorded time to throw the ball was accumulated as the fifth-fastest in the country. That's not even the best part, his 80.6 adjusted completion rating was ranked third in the country. Carson's ability to stay calm in the pocket and not be fazed by the defensive pressure is an elite asset to possess. He is returning to Georgia crowned as the number 1 ranked quarterback in college football.

No. 2 Dillon Gabriel, Oregon

According to, Dillon Gabriel finished the 2023 season with 30 passing completed touchdowns. He threw for a staggering 3,660 yards and completed 266 passes out of 384 attempts, which evaluates to a 69% passing completion rate. Dillon had 373 rushing yards on 93 attempts and led his team in rushing touchdowns which was 12, just astonishing. His main goal is to find his receivers. However, if he's near the end zone, he is a dangerous rushing threat for the defense. Dillon ended up ranked as the 6th best quarterback in college football. His 2% turnover ratio during his two seasons at Oklahoma is ranked third among the returning quarterbacks which indeed makes him even more valuable and reliable. He will be returning for his 6th year in college but, it will not be with the same team. Dillon is transferring to Oregon and he's returning as the number 2 ranked quarterback in college football.

No. 3 Jalen Milroe, Alabama

According to, Jalen Milroe finished the 2023 season with 23 passing completed touchdowns. He threw for 2,834 yards and completed 187 passes out of 284 attempts which is an estimated 66% passing completion rate. Milroe’s 96.9 passing grade on deep passes was ranked 2nd in the league. His rushing ability is at an elite level as well, he rushed for 531 yards and scored 12 rushing touchdowns. Once he sees an opening, he is going for it. He is a very tough quarterback to contain, no matter the defensive strategy. Milroe was ranked as the 9th best quarterback in the league. He plans to return to Alabama for the 2024 season and is ranked as the 3rd best quarterback in the league.

No. 4 Shedeur Sanders, Colorado

According to, Sheduer Sanders finished the 2023 season with 27 passing completed touchdowns. He threw for 3,230 yards and completed 298 passes out of 430 attempts which accumulates to a 69% passing completion rate. When there is no passing rusher attacking the pocket and applying pressure on Shedeur, he is the best-returning passer in the country! That's very impressive. Unfortunately, his father and head coach,

Deon Sanders hasn't had the opportunity to actually surround his son with an effective offensive line. Colorado's offensive line was ranked the worst in the country. Hopefully, Colorado's offensive line will be better next season so when Shedeur returns, he will be able to show off his true potential as the number 4 ranked quarterback in the league.

Returning Quarterbacks

No. 5 Quinn Ewers, Texas

According to, Quinn Ewers finished the 2023 season with 22 passing completed touchdowns. He threw for a jaw-dropping 3,479 yards and completed 272 passes out of 394 attempts which is a 69% passing completion rating. Carson possesses a cannon for an arm and the accuracy of his throws really makes him a one-of-a-kind.

He is arguably the best deep-throwing quarterback in college football. This is one of the reasons why he was able to lead his team to the Big-12 title and playoffs. Even though Texas lost their most valuable wide receivers and their best running back to the NFL draft, they are still championship contenders. Quinn Ewers will have to step up his performance even more so next season as he returns to Texas as the fifth-ranked quarterback in college football.

In conclusion

These phenomenal top-5 ranked returning college quarterbacks are coming into the 2024 season with even more experience and it's quite possible they will come back even better. They will continue to put on spectacular performances and I suggest every college football fan should tune in for all of their games, no matter if it's the fifth-ranked returning quarterback. They are a must-see on TV!


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