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Fresno State Opens Against Michigan for First Time

Fresno State opener
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In an electrifying announcement that sent waves through the college football world, the Big Ten Conference and NBC disclosed that Fresno State's highly anticipated season opener against Michigan, will kick off at 7:30 p.m. EST on Aug. 31 and will be televised on NBC. This primetime selection represents a significant milestone in Fresno State's storied football history, marking the first occasion the team will grace the national stage with a game broadcast on NBC.

The upcoming season promises to further elevate Fresno State's national exposure, continuing a trend established in recent years. Notably, this marks the third consecutive season that the Bulldogs will captivate audiences across the country with games aired on major broadcast networks during the regular season. Building on the momentum of previous seasons, Fresno State's presence on NBC underscores the program's emergence as a prominent force in collegiate football.

Fresno State Inaugural Showdown in A2

Amidst mounting anticipation, the Week 1 showdown in Ann Arbor, Michigan, holds particular significance as it marks the inaugural meeting between Fresno State and the Wolverines. This clash of titans sets the stage for an enthralling matchup, pitting the Bulldogs against the reigning national champions. Michigan's flawless 15-0 season in 2023 solidified their status as the team to beat, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the impending battle.

Moreover, the 2024 season opener carries historic implications for Fresno State in the College Football Playoff (CFP) era. Facing the defending national champions for the first time underscores the program's continued ascent and underscores their commitment to competing at the highest level of collegiate football. The Bulldogs' last encounter with a defending national champion in a season opener dates back to 1927 when they clashed with Stanford, the co-national champion alongside Alabama in 1926.

A Historic Matchup

With a proud tradition dating back to 1927, Fresno State's football program boasts a rich legacy of excellence. As they prepare to embark on this historic matchup against Michigan, anticipation is palpable among fans eager to witness this clash.

Under the bright lights of primetime on NBC, Fresno State will seize the opportunity to showcase their talent and determination, aiming to etch their name in college football lore with a statement victory against the reigning national champions.


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