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Toledo Rocket Spotlight: QB Tucker Gleason

Toledo Rocket QB Tucker Gleason
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In the heart of football country, Tampa, Florida, Tucker Gleason emerges as a formidable force on the field. Hailing from a lineage steeped in gridiron prowess, Gleason's journey from Georgia Tech to the Rockets has been nothing short of electrifying. As a junior quarterback, he's not only made his mark as a seasoned backup but has also proven himself under pressure, steering the team to victory in critical moments. From his standout performance in the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl to his seamless takeover in the face of adversity against WMU, Gleason embodies the resilience and skill synonymous with his football lineage. With a father who once dominated as a linebacker and kicker at MIT and brothers who've carved their own paths in college football, Tucker Gleason epitomizes the legacy of excellence in the game.

The Interview

How Spring Football is Different in 2024

“Obviously this spring is different because I am taking most of the reps with the ‘1s.’ That has boosted me into more of a leadership role but at the end of the day it’s all just football.”

Starting a Game vs Coming Off the Bench

I think the hardest thing about being a backup quarterback is that you are taking reps in practice like a backup, but if you're sprung into the position to be a starter, then you're expected to perform as a starter. That's hard when you know you're taking a quarter of the reps that the starter is getting in practice. Just being able to get in and get all of these reps in practice has been huge for me this spring, being able to bring it back down to the basics. I've been working on fundamentals, footwork. It's all an everlasting journey to get better.”

The 2023 Season and Starting in the Arizona Bowl

“We ended the season with two losses, which you don't want to do, especially after winning 11 straight. That's a hard way to end the season. So there's a sting there throughout spring and even into fall camp, and that sting will be there until we play the first game. But the bowl game was a really good learning experience for me. There was a lot of stuff on tape that I've learned from. That loss against Wyoming is going to be a motivator. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.”

Growing Up in a Football Family

I am the youngest of four. I've got two older brothers and an older sister. I've got two wonderful parents who have invested all of their time and money and effort and everything into us as their kids and helping us pursue our dreams. Both of my brothers played football in high school on the offensive line. My sister actually played tackle football for a couple years in youth. That was cool to see her go out there and play. I look up to my siblings. I was three years old running around watching them play youth football. Watching them play is what led me to want to be a football player.”

Relationship With Quarterbacks Coach Robert Weiner

Coach Weiner was my head coach for two years in high school. Our relationship is amazing. He is like a second father to me. It's awesome to have trust in him and for him to have trust in me when I step on the field. That's a comfortability factor for me. When I transferred from Georgia Tech, I was a little bit homesick. We joke about it that I was homesick at Georgia Tech so I moved further away from home. But he's family. He was a long-time English teacher so his knowledge is ridiculous. He is an amazing storyteller. I think that he could tell me a new story every day for the rest of my life and I could never hear the same story twice.”

Academics and Plans for After Football

“I graduated in December with a degree in exercise science. I just started another bachelor's degree in cyber security. My dad actually is a software engineer so growing up I would go to the office with him and see him writing all of this code and it was always so fascinating to me so I kind of wanted to get into that field. I thought for a little bit I might want to be a strength coach, but I think having a degree in cyber security and one in exercise science are both good options for me when my playing days are over.“

Tucker Gleason
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What This Means

As the dawn of a new season beckons, anticipation swirls around the Rocket’s gridiron. With Tucker Gleason poised to take the reins under center, fans eagerly await the unfolding chapters of his gridiron saga. Will he continue to dazzle with his deft passes and strategic acumen? Can he lead the Rockets to even greater heights, building upon the foundation of his past triumphs? As the stadium lights flicker to life and the roar of the crowd crescendos, one thing is certain: Tucker Gleason’s journey is far from over. With each snap of the ball, he carries the weight of expectation and the legacy of his football lineage. And as the season unfolds, spectators stand on the edge of their seats, ready to witness the next chapter in the storied career of this Tampa titan.



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