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Should Mike Leach be in the College Football Hall of Fame?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

On June 5, 2023, the Hall of Fame class was announced. Among the finalists are: Marshawn Lynch RB, Cal, Antwaan Randle El WR, Indiana, and Todd Lyght DB Notre Dame. As usual, the “snubs” are getting the most attention. One of these who wasn’t selected for the Hall was the late Mike Leach, who tragically passed away in 2022.

Since his passing, several college football fans have clamored for changes to be made to the induction criteria for the Hall of Fame. While Coach Leach’s death was tragic, and severely affected his family and friends, should decisions for induction of the Hall of Fame be based solely upon the emotion of a heart-wrenching situation? Many fans believe so.

I am not one of those fans. The simple fact is that Coach Leach doesn’t meet the criteria for induction. He has a below .600 winning percentage in his career, which is considered the baseline for all coaches to be considered.

Additionally, he didn’t reach the age of 70; another requirement for consideration for the Hall of Fame. He has exactly zero national championships at the FBS level! Nor has his teams won ANY conference championships!

When compared to other coaches in the Hall, Leach’s doesn’t sound like a hall of fame resume. Gene Chizik and Larry Coker each have one national title. Are they Hall worthy? If you answered no then how can you make a case for Leach when his resume is weaker!

Don’t forget why Coach Leach left Texas Tech in disgrace: he locked Craig James’s (Hall of Famer) son in a tool shed on the campus of TTU when it was determined that he had a concussion! Even if off-the-field antics shouldn’t determine Hall-worthiness, controversial incidents like these undoubtedly play a factor.

For all of the ‘yeah buts’ out there claiming that he should be in because he’s won more bowl games than anyone else in Texas Tech history, I say “good for him! They can build him a statue in Lubbock!”

Undoubtedly, Coach Leach was a larger than life figure. He was entertaining, innovative, and blunt. He was a breath of fresh air in a climate where too many played their cards too close to their chest – a claim NEVER made about Mike Leach!

Anyway, he is on the ballot for entrance into the Hall of Fame. His supporters and detractors will argue back and forth about their whys and why nots until the cows come home to Lubbock. Ultimately, it’s up to the committee to decide. These debates sure are fun though aren’t they?



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