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New Orleans Saints Select Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler
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University of South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler’s NFL dream became a reality as he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the fifth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, becoming the No. 150 pick overall.

Rattler, who garnered attention for his standout performances on the collegiate level, including his time at the University of Oklahoma before transferring to South Carolina, now embarks on a new journey as he joins the Saints, bringing his talent and skills to the professional gridiron.

Scouting Report

Throughout his collegiate tenure with the Gamecocks, Rattler's evolution as a quarterback was nothing short of remarkable. Transitioning from Oklahoma to South Carolina, he not only embraced a new environment but also thrived, surpassing his previous accomplishments. His statistics paint a vivid picture of his prowess on the field—finishing fifth all-time in passing yards with an impressive 6,212 yards and claiming the top spot in South Carolina football history for career completion percentage at 67.5.

Rattler's skills extend far beyond numbers. He possesses a formidable arm coupled with pinpoint accuracy, making him a threat at any distance. Yet, it's his agility and composure under pressure that truly set him apart. Whether evading defenders with nimble footwork or threading the needle with impeccable timing, Rattler consistently demonstrates his ability to make plays happen.

Standing at 6-foot and weighing 211 pounds, Rattler's physical presence is complemented by his leadership qualities. As a two-time team captain, he earned accolades for his contributions both on and off the field, exemplified by his two-time receipt of the Steve Wadiak Team MVP Award.

His senior year at South Carolina was nothing short of spectacular, culminating in a Reese's Senior Bowl MVP honor. Setting records for single-season completions and completion percentage, Rattler's performance showcased his unwavering dedication and determination to succeed.

Spencer Rattler
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Now, as he transitions to the professional ranks with the Saints, Rattler carries with him a legacy of excellence and a relentless drive to excel. With 48 career games under his belt and a remarkable record of 28-14 in 42 career starts, Rattler is poised to make a significant impact at the next level, solidifying his place among the football elite.

Why Did Rattler Fall?

Rattler’s journey from high school stardom to the NFL Draft stage has been marked by both triumphs and challenges, with the spotlight shining brightest during his time on the Netflix show “QB1: Beyond the Lights.” Despite the allure of reality television, Rattler’s true test came on the gridiron, where his talent and resilience were on full display.

While Rattler’s collegiate career boasted impressive statistics and accolades, his path to the NFL draft was not without its hurdles. A key factor in his draft position, as reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, was the lasting impression of his portrayal on the Netflix reality show. Teams, swayed by the image presented onscreen, grappled with the decision to select Rattler, underscoring the scrutiny faced by athletes both on and off the field.

Despite the weight of this narrative, Rattler’s supporters, including his college coach Shane Beamer, vehemently defended his character and leadership abilities. Beamer’s public endorsement of Rattler, coupled with his congratulations upon being drafted by the Saints, speaks volumes about the respect and admiration Rattler commands from those who know him best.

As Rattler embarks on his professional journey with the Saints, his collegiate accomplishments serve as a testament to his skill and determination. With a completion percentage of 68.5 and an impressive tally of 10,807 yards and 77 touchdowns, Rattler’s potential in the NFL is undeniable. Yet, the lingering specter of his past portrayal on reality television adds a layer of intrigue to his future endeavors, leaving many eager to witness how his professional career unfolds on the gridiron.

Welcome to NOLA

Rattler's selection by the Saints marks a significant milestone for him as he becomes the first Gamecock quarterback chosen in the NFL Draft since Todd Ellis in 1990. Rattler's achievement also ends a modern-day NFL draft record, with 138 picks separating quarterback selections, highlighting the anticipation and excitement surrounding his draft position. Alongside wide receiver Xavier Legette, Rattler proudly represents South Carolina in the 2024 NFL Draft, showcasing the talent and potential fostered within the university's football program. This moment not only celebrates Rattler's individual success but also underscores the continued impact of South Carolina's football legacy on the national stage.


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