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Chiefs Rashee Rice Under Investigation After Alleged Assault

Rashee Rice speaks to media
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Kansas City Chiefs star Rashee Rice is already in hot water after allegedly leaving the scene of a car wreck he caused by racing on the Dallas freeway on Saturday, March 30th. Rice's lawyer said Rice was driving a Lamborghini that was involved in the accident and had allegedly left the scene with a few accomplices. The accident left four people injured, none with major injuries, with two being treated at the scene while two were checked out at the hospital. Rice faces eight charges from the incident, ranging from collision involving bodily injury to aggravated assault. SMU wide receiver Teddy Knox was also involved in the wreck and was arrested in connection with the incident.

Rice once again though seems to have found himself in the eyes of the law, as early Monday morning at approximately 2:30 am, Dallas police responded to an incident at a downtown night club where an alleged assault was taking place. The assault had allegedly involved Rashee Rice, police say, as he was reportedly at the scene, with further reports suggesting he had struck an individual at the nightclub.

Rashee Rice's Second Incident: The Details

As of the writing of this article, details are few and far between regarding the incident that took place. The nightclub, known as "Lit Kitchen", is located in downtown Dallas off the 600 block of North Harwood Street. Many Dallas celebrities frequent the club and its location in the heart of the city, making it a popular destination.

A police spokesperson who spoke with Dallas Morning News said a man who worked as a photographer for the club was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after appearing to have been struck in the face, as one side was swelling from the apparent impact. Police have also said though that no charges have officially been filed as of Tuesday afternoon. Rice was present for the incident though and is believed to be the alleged assailant, per some eyewitness sources.

The Chiefs, Rice, Clark Hunt and Andy Reid have not released statements as of yet regarding the issue and the case remains open at this time. Details will come as they are released.

What This Could Mean for Rashee Rice

Rice was already in trouble for the racing incident. It was rumored that even if he escaped legal ramifications for it, the NFL would come down hard on the second-year receiver, suspending him for multiple games in the upcoming year. Now, that suspension could prove to be even worse, perhaps career-threatening.

Rashee Rice in Super Bowl 58

The Chiefs must seriously consider their options with the young wide receiver if these allegations turn out to be true. Rice could be seen as a public relations liability who will be a detriment to the team culture and himself. Memories of the incident involving Kareem Hunt have reared their ugly heads once again, as a promising young player puts his career in jeopardy by not staying out of trouble. This incident could provide a gauge as to how much the Chiefs will be willing to put up with regarding Rice, with this latest incident potentially being the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Again, more details and further stories will come as more information is released. Rice is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and as of now, has not faced any charges. It has not been fully proven that Rice was even at the nightclub where the incident took place or even in Dallas, to begin with at the time of the incident.

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