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Wolf Pack and Jeff Choate Join Forces with NMDP

Nevada HC Jeff Choate addressing the crowd

University of Nevada Head Football Coach Jeff Choate, alongside his wife Janet Choate, recently unveiled their heartfelt initiative to bolster support for the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).

This initiative aims to advance the NMDP's crucial mission of expanding the registry of blood stem cell donors, thereby offering hope and lifesaving treatments to patients grappling with blood cancers like leukemia and blood disorders such as sickle cell disease.

Stem Cell Therapy

Formerly known as Be The Match®, NMDP stands as a pioneering global nonprofit at the forefront of cell therapy. Their multifaceted approach encompasses groundbreaking research, patient services, and stewardship of the world's most diverse registry of blood stem cell donors. Through strategic partnerships, like the NMDP Get in the Game program, the organization harnesses the influence and reach of college athletics to recruit students into the registry, potentially becoming lifesaving donors. Future registry drives and initiatives with the Nevada Football program are eagerly anticipated, promising to amplify awareness and support for this noble cause.

The Choates' dedication to this cause emanates from personal experiences, with numerous friends and family members having battled the arduous journey of blood stem cell transplants in their fight against leukemia and other forms of cancer. Their poignant statement underscores the profound impact of these experiences and their resolve to serve as advocates for cancer research and awareness.


Notably, Offensive Coordinator Matt Lubick's poignant journey epitomizes the significance of this cause within the Wolf Pack program. Lubick's diagnosis of leukemia in October 2023 catapulted him into a daunting battle, culminating in a blood stem cell transplant at the Anschutz Center for Advanced Medicine in Aurora, CO. Despite the formidable challenges, Lubick's unwavering spirit remained palpable as he continued to contribute to team activities throughout Nevada's spring practice period, epitomizing resilience and dedication.

Matt Lubick crossing the finish line during marathon
© Kelly Lyell/The Coloradoan / USA TODAY NETWORK

Reflecting on his transformative experience, Lubick expressed profound gratitude for the pivotal role played by NMDP in his recovery journey. The generosity of a donor from the NMDP registry provided him with a lifeline, culminating in successful treatment and eventual triumph over cancer. His testimonial serves as a poignant reminder of the tangible impact that donor registries can have in reshaping lives and offering renewed hope to those in dire need.

Get in the Game with Jeff Choate

Since its inception in 2008, NMDP's Get in the Game program has forged impactful partnerships with over 325 college and university athletic teams nationwide. Through spirited donor recruitment events hosted on campuses, these teams have galvanized a community of over 200,000 coaches, athletes, and students, all committed to potentially saving lives through blood stem cell donations. This collective effort has yielded over 1,300 matches and subsequent donations, underscoring the profound ripple effect of altruism and solidarity in combating blood cancers and disorders.

Amanda Scott, Director of Programs & Partnerships at NMDP, lauded the unwavering commitment of Jeff and Janet Choate, alongside the entire University of Nevada Football Program, in advancing the organization's mission. Their dedication epitomizes the transformative power of collaboration, reaffirming the collective resolve to save lives and pave the way for a future where no individual battles these diseases alone.

In essence, the partnership between the University of Nevada Football Program and NMDP stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating a path towards healing, resilience, and renewed possibilities for countless individuals confronting the daunting realities of blood cancers and disorders. Together, they embody the transformative potential of collective action in shaping a brighter, more compassionate future for all.


At NMDPSM, we believe each of us holds the key to curing blood cancers and disorders. As a global nonprofit leader in cell therapy, NMDP creates essential connections between researchers and supporters to inspire action and accelerate innovation to find life-saving cures. With the help of blood stem cell donors from the world’s most diverse registry and our extensive network of transplant partners, physicians and caregivers, we’re expanding access to treatment so that every patient can receive their life-saving cell therapy. NMDP. Find cures. Save lives.


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