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Washington and Oregon to leave Pac 12 and join Big 10

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

When I went to bed last night here on the east coast, the prevailing thought was that the duo of Washington and Oregon would be joining USC, and UCLA in the Big 10 conference.


However, this morning, various national media members reported the mood had changed. According to reports, the offer from the Big 10 to add Oregon and Washington was for a lower amount than the schools could accept for a move. On Friday morning, Oregon and Washington were set to join a Zoom meeting with their fellow Pac-12 brethren aiming to sign a Grant of Rights deal and work through a new TV deal with Amazon to save the Pac-12.

As Leo Corse would say "Not So Fast My Friend!"

 By mid-morning, those same national reporters said that the Big 10 Conference was reengaging with Oregon and Washington to discuss entry into the Big 10.


Now, numerous reports are surfacing that the Big 10 Conference, after hesitation from some schools, will extend an invitation to Oregon and Washington to join the conference.


The University of Oregon and the University of Washington both joined the Pac-12 in 1915, when the conference was known as the Pacific Coast Conference. 108 years of loyalty is being thrust aside for athletic department survival.


An official announcement has not been made by either the Big 10 or Oregon and Washington but is expected soon.




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