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Tyler Shough Leaves Texas Tech For Louisville

Tyler Shough has hit the transfer portal for the second time and will go to the ACC runner-up, Louisville.

Throughout his four (full) seasons at quarterback, he has passed for 4,481 total yards, only 33 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions.

Shough has struggled severely staying on the field at times because of injuries which could heavily affect his production with the Cards.

Plummer out, Shough In

With the hiring of Jeff Brohm, came the commitment of ex Purdue & Cal QB Jack Plummer to reunite with his former coach. While at Louisville, Plummer led his team to a conference championship game versus Florida State in year one. He was far from elite, but he was more than good enough to win games as he showed throughout the season.

While at Louisville, Jack Plummer put up the second-best statistical season of his career (only trailing 2022 at California). He threw for 3,603 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

What does Tyler Shough Bring to Louisville?

Shough brings a veteran (four-year starter) presence that can win over the locker room as long as he is healthy, while also desperate for a breakout season.

He is a serviceable bridge player who can help mentor guys like Pierce Clarkson and incoming freshman Deuce Adams.


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