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Transferring - The Grass Ain't Always Greener

Year in and year out College athletes get the same old tune. Coaches reach out and offer the world to help persuade the kids to come to play for their school in hopes of raising draft stocks, popularity, value, or whatever other hogwash they want to say.

Unfortunately, multiple athletes believe these things and commit to these schools just to ride the wood and basically waste a year of eligibility even though they were absolutely balling out at the previous school.

Victor Cutler Jr.

Cutler was a 2-star prospect in 2018 and committed to Louisiana Monroe as his only FBS offer. Throughout his first three seasons with ULM, he could never keep a starting position.

In 2019 he redshirted in 2020 only appeared in nine games, and in 2021 he only played in eight games and started in only seven of them...

After the 2022 season he hit the transfer portal, got fed this mess, and committed to play for The Ohio State Buckeyes, but how did he do in Ohio?

Let's just say he bit off more than he could chew because he never got playing time.

Zachari Franklin

While at UTSA, Franklin was easily one of the best groups of 5 wide receivers in the country (if not the best). In his four years with the Roadrunners Franklin hit the 1,000 mark twice and both times averaged 12 yards per completion. This came from being one of the best route runners in all of college football, he was always open!

Instead of staying at UTSA Franklin jumped in the portal and moved two states East to join Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels. During the 2023 season, Franklin dealt with an injury but managed to rack up four whole completions for 38 little yards. If he stays at UTSA, he racks up another thousand-yard season and he get drafted fourth roundish but instead, he moves up and falls flat.

Transferring - Guys need to settle down!

The portal can absolutely change your career for the better AND worse. If you are thinking of jumping in then you need to seriously be realistic with your abilities because if you aren't you can Ruin your future opportunities.

Torrance Burgess Jr.

Is a 5 foot 6, 160-pound scat back that had two touchdowns as the second man up behind Dion Hankins. Every team in the country has a serviceable speed back or scat back, just return to UTEP and earn more carries so you can improve your game. There is no reason for you to be in the portal, you're going to end up like Brian Battie at best. A special teamer that hovers around the third and fourth man.

Caullin Lacy

He's a great wide receiver! He was top five in receiving yards this season and number 12 in all-purpose yards, so why are you leaving? You are getting all the right touches, you are on one of the best groups of five teams in the country, you just watched the number one wideout get drafted from your school in back-to-back years and it's finally your time to be that number one target. Stay home, rack those numbers up, and ball out! that's what Jalen Tolbert did, that's what Jayen Wayne did before you, and they are both in the league now.

If you are balling out stay home unless you know for a fact you have a starting spot on the other team because decisions like this can cost you a career on the TV screens on Sundays.

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