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The forgotten history of the Louisiana State University football team

LSU 1894 Football Team, via Wikipedia

The Louisiana State University college football team is full of interesting history. From the first game of LSU (a 34-0 loss at the hands of Tulane on November 25th, 1893) to the 2019 undefeated champions, LSU has a long, rich history. Some good, some bad. Here is a short, but interesting, history of the LSU tigers.

Let's start at the beginning of the fighting tigers. Doctor Charles Coats formed the first team for football at the Louisiana State University in 1893. As he looked on at his team that will play in front of about 1,500 fans at Sportsman's Baseball Parking New Orleans Louisiana, I would have imagined a spectacle that is Louisiana State University football today. During the first season of LSU football, they were great butchers.

Shirts were usually purple, which is a great contradiction of today's white jerseys, with gold pants and helmets. There was no Golden Band from Tigerland, no Golden girls, and there was definitely not a live mascot. It was just players and coaches.

Legend states that the purple and gold colors were chosen because those were the colors of Mardi gras.

The first major injury of LSU football was Quarterback Pleasant who was injured in the first half and an early Tulane touchdown led to a bloody beat down of LSU.

Now, let's get on to the first shutout in LSU history. November 30th, 1894, LSU played Natchez which was a 26-0 blowout for LSU. This game also had the first unless you plan to ever score a touchdown for your LSU tigers. Next time, let's get to the 1895 season in which LSU beat Tulane 8-4, or we can talk about the 12 to 6 game against Alabama which went in our favor.

Please come back to the next edition of LSU history.



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