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"MiD" TEXAS A&M Desperately needs to make the right hire

Hear me out. Texas A&M is MID, a word that has been coined by the younger generation. Everything about Texas A&M is MID. It is time for the athletic department to stop being MID and focus on enhancing the atmosphere. Texas A&M is the definition of “Money doesn’t always buy you happiness.”

Their superstar recruiting class that was bought with NIL promises created a negative culture all around and did not pan out, which led to many in the class to transfer out and those that stayed for the most part have played well. That said, as a unit the team has simply been MID.

Hiring Jimbo Fisher in a historic deal, even giving him a plaque that was waiting to fill in the date of their National Championship was extremely MID. Fisher did not pan out and he had a duplicate career in College Station as previous coaches except he came with a historic buyout and now is laughing his way to the bank without having to stress over the MID-level performance of his program. We may never see Jimbo coach another down of football again.

The fan base of Texas A&M is extremely passionate, and it is sad that they must suffer through continuous cycles of MID-level Football. 1939 was the last National Championship claim. 1998 was the last time that they even won their division in their conference, which led to a Big 12 Championship victory over Kansas State. They are 9-13 in bowl games over the last 30 years and have not seen a bowl game since 2020 when they defeated North Carolina in the Orange Bowl.

Go back to 2012, Johnny Football was running wild on defenses with Mike Evans, but they could not get by Florida or LSU and settled for third place in the Western Division of the SEC, but you could “technically” put them 2nd after LSU vacated their wins.

R.C. Slocum gave the Aggies hope. Franchione had some promise. Mike Sherman was a questionable hire. Kevin Sumlin was great but seemed to lose the support of the hire-ups. Then came Jimbo, who was signed to a 10-year contract worth a total base salary of $75 Million, which at the time was the most lucrative contract signed by a newly hired coach in College Football history.

It is time for a fresh life in College Station. Someone who is an innovator, someone who can not only bring in a good atmosphere but someone who can grow the brand and make College Station the place to be. Financially, A&M is near the top in College Athletics, but if you do not provide a good vibe you can’t succeed.

Ross Bjork, good job, you got rid of the problem. What are you going to do now? There are many big names to target, but who is the best person to essentially place your reputation on? A bad hire here would more than likely cost you your job down the road. Who can you bring in that will have an impact on Texas A&M like Nick Saban did at Alabama? Who is that guy?

Mike Elko is a good name to bet on. He has done more with less at Duke and has that program in a promising position for the future.

G.J. Kinne is an offensive genius who so far has passed the eye test with flying colors in his two seasons as a head coach. He and his family have become fully embraced by the San Marcos community and he is currently leading Texas State to a very good season.

Kliff Kingsbury, would he come to A&M? Or is he a West Coast guy? He is well-received in the State of Texas and could be a great recruiter for the Aggies. Surrounded by good Coordinators, he could be a homerun hire and lead A&M to that next level.

Stop being mediocre, and make a move. Do not get a basic guy to come in, get someone that will excite the fans. Not a flash in the pan. Someone with promise. Until that happens, Texas A&M will forever be MID.


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