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Sunflower Showdown Is Upon Us - An Open Letter to Kansas

 Bill Snyder Family Stadium
Photo Credit- Nick Friesen CFD

All Kansas State fans have heard for years is that Kansas owns the all-time record in the Sunflower Showdown which is accurate Kansas does lead 65-50-5. In the last 30 years, the record is 26-4 in Kansas State's favor, in fact, to have a winning KU record in your lifetime you would have to be born before 1948.

Kansas State over the last decade-plus has raised over 280 million dollars to update the stadium and facilities. Kansas on the other hand has just announced they are going to update their stadium over the next couple of years with donations and a grant secured from the State of Kansas. I believe people from both sides agree that they need an upgrade from the crumbling stadium in Lawrence with working plumbing throughout. The gripe from the K-State side is the state-funded money is being used, meanwhile "a bunch of farmers" can fund their own upgrades.

KU attempts to play it off like they are the university that is all about the people of the state of Kansas. Meanwhile, their football roster says differently. Kansas has 25 kids on the roster from the home state. While K-State has 51 kids from Kansas. Kansas State has quite a few of them playing a role in the success of the program with guys like Cooper Beebe and DJ Giddens to name a few.

Kansas State also has won three Big 12 championships since the conference's inception in 1996. That will leave K-State tied for the most among active members after Oklahoma and Texas leave for the SEC in the summer of 2024. Kansas has not played in a title game in that span of time and has not won a conference title since 1968 in the Big 8. All-time in Big 12 conference play Kansas has had 45 total wins to K-State's 135.

Lance Leipold has definitely made Kansas a more formable opponent on the field which cannot be denied. But until further notice, Chris Klieman and the Kansas State Wildcats are the king of football in the State of Kansas and that will not change if Kansas happens to win this Saturday at home.


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