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South Alabama and the SWARM D

Photo Credit - Jaylin Powell via Flickr

In the 2022-2023 season the South Alabama Jaguars not only one of the best statistical defenses in the Sun Belt, but they had one of the best defenses in the entire nation.

Though the USA secondary did get exposed at times during the season, the aggressive front 7 dominated up front. Last year the Jags ranked 4th nationally and 2nd in the Sun Belt in rushing defense, behind only James Madison.

South Alabama also had the redzone locked up, as they tied for 17th in the country (3rd in the Sun Belt) in overall redzone defense.

Even with the secondary having a few bad games, the Jags played well enough to stay successful and ultimately ranked 25th in overall defense, 4th in the Sun Belt.

The Jags return 12 starters on defense. USA fans should expect nothing short of excellence this season. These 12 players might not have started every single game, however, they did have at least one game in which they got the start.

There is so much talent brewing on this defensive side of that ball. It's not just me saying it, as Athlon Sports put out their preseason Sun Belt All Conference teams that included 18 Jags overall (this was before P Jack Brooks stepped away from football). Eight of them hail from the swarming South Alabama defense.

Included on 1st team defense are both South Alabama safeties Yam Banks and Keith Gallmon Jr.

The 2nd team defense included defensive lineman Wy ’Kevious Thomas and linebacker Trey Kiser.

The Jags rounded out the 3rd team defense with four defensive Jags named to the team. Safety Jaden Voisin, cornerback Marquise Robinson, linebacker James Miller, and defensive lineman Jamie Sheriff.

The Jags are without a single player named to the 4th team defense (as if that's a concern). The way this defense swarms to the ball and wrap up tackles, they will likely find more players added to these list by season's end.

After a successful 2022 the Jags added power 5 talent to Mobile. This off-season they picked up three players from the portal to add to their vaunted “Swarm D”.

Two-star LB Gavin Forsha has committed to the Jaguars after transferring out of Kansas State, having only playing in nine games for the Wildcats.

Three-star CB Jordan Buchanan committed to the Jags after transferring from the Purdue Boilermakers, where he never saw the field.

Three-star Safety Wesley Miller made his commitment to South Alabama after being one of the 27 players that left Mississippi State after the unfortunate passing of Head Coach Mike Leach.

Expect another season of defensive success down in Mobile. The Jaguars are a team that won't be sneaking up on opponents this season.



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