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Sorry Michigan Fans! The Boys Down South Are The Kings

Michigan has beaten OSU the last two years, helping to bring what was one of the most lopsided rivalries in college football back to being competitive.

The first win came in Ann Arbor 42-27, their first win in nine years over OSU!

Then, the unthinkable happened...

What OSU fans said for a year would never happen; well, as we know, it happened, and it was beautiful.

Michigan went into Columbus and won again 45-23, embarrassing the Buckeyes at home. Both years, Michigan went on to win the Big Ten championship for the first time in many years. Michigan fans are riding high, kings of the Big Ten, or so they all thought...

OSU has shown that there is still a king when it comes to recruiting, and they have left no doubt!

First, with Bryce West, then Aaron Scott Jr., both picking OSU over Michigan. The Buckeyes have shown that the best kids in Ohio want to stay and play in Ohio.

Second, Aaron Scott committed one of the most epic troll jobs anyone could do, further showing that this 118-year-old rivalry is not going anywhere.

After Michigan's first Big Ten championship, the Wolverines could only manage an 18th-place ranking in the 2023 recruiting cycle from the On3 rankings, while OSU came in 4th.

This year, Michigan's class, after back-to-back Big Ten championships and wins over OSU, looks to be solidified as a top contender for the Big Ten. However, OSU is still showing they are the "top dawg" by bringing in three 5-star and twelve 4-star players, according to an On3 ranking, compared to Michigan, which has ZERO 5-star players but seventeen 4-star players.

OSU ranks 2nd nationally, while Michigan’s class is ranked 8th so far, according to On3. Even after two straight wins, Harbaugh still seems to lack the ability to bring in the same upper-level talent as his counterpart Ryan Day. Coach Day shows the ability to be one of, if not the, best recruiters in Ohio State football history.

The Buckeyes have dominated this rivalry for the past 20 years, but Michigan is finally starting to make up ground on their hated rival. I will take OSU to win the recruiting battle every year if we win "The Game;" it's funny how Michigan fans used to brag about recruiting wins over their in-state rivals Michigan State. Then the game arrived, and Michigan would find themselves on the losing end.

Now, Ohio State fans are starting to sound very much like their Michigan counterparts. The folks down south are beginning to resemble the one thing they hate the most - Michigan fans.



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