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Sorry College Football: Bama is Still Here.

The way Alabama's downfall has been celebrated the last three years proves that, outside of Tuscaloosa, college football is over Alabama. Alabama's "downfall" has consisted of losing the National Championship to a team they already beat, missing the playoffs after an 11-2 season, and losing to eventual #3 Texas at home by 10 in Week 2 of this season.

The bad news for college football is that even after all that "downfall", Alabama just beat #1 Georgia for an SEC Championship and is back in the playoffs. Under Saban, Alabama has averaged a national championship every 3 years and if they were to win one this year, they'll keep that average intact.

To top it all off, Saban is happy. Nick Saban at 72 years old and with close to 50 years in coaching, looks to be enjoying himself as much now if not more than ever. This is bad news for those wishing for his retirement.

Saban now enters his 8th playoff appearance since 2014 with a team that was counted out by the media and opposing fans alike after losing at home to Texas in Week 2. No one outside the fanbase believed Alabama could make the playoffs and because of this LANK was born.


This became the motto of this talented but unproven Alabama team as they ground their way to an SEC Championship, improving every step along the way.

Bama did the unthinkable and beat the mighty Georgia Bulldogs, ending their 29-game winning streak, to win their 30th SEC title. Even after this astonishing feat Alabama was not expected to make the playoffs by the social media crowd and boy, were they disappointed.


Both 1-loss Texas and Alabama made the playoff over undefeated FSU and the internet was mad. Unfortunately, FSU lost their Heisman hopeful quarterback a few weeks ago and they haven't looked like the same team since. The committee did not deem them to be one of the best 4 teams and as could be predicted, the college football world went crazy and blamed it all on Alabama.

Alabama will play Michigan in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1st at 4 pm EST and while the world will be rooting for Michigan, this guy says Bama by 14.

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