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Sherrone Moore: the only choice to lead Michigan for Ono and Manuel

As Jim Harbaugh leaves Michigan after 9 years of being their head coach all eyes now turn to President Ono and AD Warde Manuel to find the heir apparent.  Time will be of the essence with players now being able to enter their name into the transfer portal for 30 days.  Many names will be mentioned, but none will need any consideration.  The reason is that the man who needs to be the only interview made already has an office inside Schembechler Hall.  That man is OC Sherrone Moore and it looks like all signs are pointing to him becoming the next head coach at Michigan.

Why Sherrone Moore?

Moore who is only 37 has been with the Michigan program since January 15, 2018, when he was hired to be the tight ends coach.  Over his time at Michigan Sherrone moved to Offensive line coach and offensive coordinator.  Under Moore, the Offensive line won back-to-back Joe Moore Awards in 21/22.  Last season Moore also stepped in as Interim head coach for Harbaugh during his suspension.  In the 4 games he served as head man Moore went 4-0 with 2 wins coming against top-ranked Penn State and arch-rivals Ohio State.

Moore will need to move fast if hired in filling his staff with rumors of Jesse Minter and Jay Harbaugh both heading to LA with Harbaugh. A name Moore should look at to replace Minter would be Phil Parker from Iowa, he seemingly puts together a top 10 defense every year. Coming in as a new head coach Sherrone should focus on head coaching duties and bring in an experienced OC to call plays. Buffalo Bills interim OC and QB coach Joe Brady should be a name Sherrone targets.  Moore should be able to keep most of the staff together, Ben Herbert, Steve Clinkscale, Ron Bellamy, Mike Hart, and Grant Newsome just to name a few.  I would expect Sherrone to put some of his own pieces in places as well.   

If Michigan hires Moore it should bring some stability to the current roster, a payers coach Moore should be able to keep most of the key players but there still will be some that leave. Some of the key players Moore must keep at Michigan are Will Johnson, Donovan Edwards Kenneth Grant, Colston Loveland, and Mason Graham while also trying to keep the incoming class intact.  In the new world of college football, no one would be surprised if some feelers have not already been put out to see what some player's level of interest is to transfer.

How Michigan Make Moore's Life Easier

If hired a big part of Moore’s success will come down to how much help the University of Michigan gives him. In the new landscape, of college football Michigan will need to improve on its NIL collectives if it hopes to compete with the top programs in college football.   The great news for whoever the new head coach is, Michigan finally has a president in Santa Ono who understands there needs to be balance inside the university between academics and sports.  President Ono hopefully will be a key asset moving forward for the athletic department.    Hopefully Michigan does what most think is the only move and hires Sherrone Moore to be Michigan's next head football coach.


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