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SEC stands for "SEC"ond

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

As most know, the National Title has run through the SEC. The conference has claimed the last four national titles and a staggering 13 of the last 17 trophies! College football fans south of the Mason-Dixon line have been, for the most part, the keeper of the soil.

It’s been eight long years since anyone in the Big 10 has held up a trophy and, unless your name is Ohio State, the dearth has lasted over twenty-six years.

But hold on, Big Ten fans! This is by no means a Big Ten-bashing party. There is renewed optimism in the North. Big Ten fans SHALL rejoice - their time is coming soon! It is time to dream large, Big Ten fans, as the sound of cleats trampling through frost-bitten turf will be met with sounds of triumph once more.

There is plenty of reason to believe that the SEC will be giving way to the Big Ten. The SEC’s reign of terror will be no more!

It can be argued that the 2022 National Championship was fumbled by the Big Ten. It was the first time that any conference other than the SEC had two teams in the College Football Playoffs! Sadly, Ohio State was unable to make a last-second field goal and upset the heavily favored defending champions. Michigan simply choked against a seemingly inferior opponent. In what would have caused excruciating pain to the likes of Paul Finebaum and Southerners everywhere, the Nation was remarkably close to witnessing an all-Big Ten championship game!

This was surely the first sign of many that the SEC should be threatened. With regards to recruiting, the Big Ten has stepped into the ring with the SEC and are fighting tooth and nail for the best athletes in the country. Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State are currently sitting close to the top of all of the major recruiting sites.

Lastly, the biggest reason to be threatened is the massive TV deal that the Big Ten has signed. The Big Ten is the belle of the ball, and every major program is in line for a date to the dance. Stealing iconic programs from the once-proud PAC-12 is just a teaser. The Big Ten currently holds more power than any conference in the college football landscape. It is up to the Big Ten what happens next in college realignment..see what happened this week? Yup!

Big Ten fans can sit back and have a Vernor’s on ice and wait for the leaves to fall. College football has shifted; the Big Ten can and will reclaim the throne of the best college football conference in all the land!



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