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Ryan Day to Give Up Play Calling Duty

Ryan Day confirmed this morning during this National Signing Day Press Conference that he will indeed give up play-calling duty for the upcoming season. All indications are that likely means Bill O'Brien, who was named Ohio State's Offensive Coordinator in January, will likely be given full control of the duty come the fall.

Day did mention he will still be heavily involved with the offense during the game week and the game, but won't be calling the plays during the game.

This was an expected decision when Day hired O'Brien to be the offensive coordinator, but some speculated due to the fact Day has always had 'full' control of the offense since coming to Ohio State in 2018. Many are led to believe this will help Ohio State overall in game-day management along with having more control of all three phases of the game: offense, defense, and special teams.

Reports have been coming in that Bill O'Brien may be taking the Boston College head coaching job now that Jeff Hafley has left for the defensive coordinator job at Green Bay so this may be an ongoing development if indeed O'Brien leaves for Boston College. All reports indicate though that O'Brien is in Columbus currently preparing for spring practice next month. O'Brien is also scheduled to be a speaker at the Ohio High School Football Coaches Associates Clinic next Friday, February 16th in Columbus, Ohio.

College Football Dawgs will be in attendance in Columbus for the clinic next Friday.


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