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Preview: South Carolina at #21 North Carolina

Broadcast Information

* Kickoff is set at 6:30, Saturday, September 2nd on ABC

* Greg McElroy and Sean McDonough will be on the call

* WCHL 97.9 FM (North Carolina)

* WKNT 107.5 FM (South Carolina)

What's at Stake?

Both of the quarterbacks, Drake Maye (UNC) and Spencer Rattler (South Carolina), come into this season with Heisman potential. This game alone can either shoot you to the moon or have your chances seemingly crumble before their eyes.

Key Players:

QB Spencer Rattler - South Carolina

DE Jordan Strachan - South Carolina

QB Drake Maye - North Carolina

LB Cedric Gray

Key Matchups

The North Carolina WR core along with the South Carolina defensive secondary are both unproven and this game will show which side sticks out the most. Will it be the depleted North Carolina Offense, or will it be the South Carolina secondary that struggles to make plays?


North Carolina has new faces everywhere on the offense after losing a ton this past off-season. Losing all three starting wideouts, the starting tight end, starting running back and two offensive linemen could play a huge factor in this game, and I believe it will. Drake Maye is still elite but with the lack of weapons, he will struggle week one and lose to the Gamecocks of South Carolina. It could have been a different story if the NCAA allowed Devontez Walker to play this season, but that isn't the case.



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