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Penn State Unveils New Lottery System for Student Tickets

Penn State lottery system
© Dan Rainville- USA Today Network

Earlier this week, Penn State announced that a new season-ticket system for students will be in place starting in the 2024 season.

Penn State will switch to a lottery system which will replace the Ticketmaster process which had previously been used by the university and drew mixed reviews among students.

The goal of the switch is to create an equal opportunity for all fans to receive season tickets and eliminate the early-morning rush to log onto Ticketmaster.

Similar to the prior system, graduate students will have the first opportunity to place their season ticket request on June 10 with the deadline being a week later. The window will open for the remaining classes throughout the week.

Penn State students will not need to rush to place their ticket requests as the selection will be completely randomized.

Students will be notified the week of June 24 if they received their tickets for the Penn State lottery.

The cost for season tickets sits at $246 for seven Penn State home games in the 2024 season which starts on Sept. 7 vs. Bowling Green.


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