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Oklahoma State: Did Students end life of steer for prank?

While pranks have always been an experiment in pushing boundaries, some lines shouldn't be crossed. Unfortunately, This morning the day before the Big 12 Championship between the universities of Texas and Oklahoma State that line was crossed.

Local law enforcement in Stillwater, Oklahoma were called to the campus of Oklahoma State University after being informed that the carcass of a dead longhorn cow was left in front of the Farm House fraternity. The words, "F*** FH" were also written on the side of the animal. Police are working with school officials and neighboring houses to determine who did this to the animal and the investigation is ongoing. Authorities have set up an anonymous tip line for anyone that has information about the incident at, 405-533-8477, anyone with information is encouraged to help.

This adds to a game that is set to see the 7th-ranked Longhorns do battle with the 18th-ranked Cowboys of Oklahoma State in a game the Longhorns are favored by 15. While pranks are a common occurrence at universities and especially around college sports, this is not a prank, and if it turns out someone did kill this steer for amusement that is a felony in Oklahoma.


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