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Oklahoma State Cowboys win last Bedlam Matchup over Sooners 27-24 - DAWG Review

The Oklahoma State Cowboys send their bitter rivals off into the sunset with a big win in Bedlam, beating the Oklahoma Sooners in a game that was more defensive-minded than many people thought it would be. The Sooners continue to reel after last week's loss to Kansas and have been more or less eliminated from College Football Playoff contention. Let's have a look to see how things went down.

Game Summary:

In a back-and-forth contest from start to finish, the Sooners and Cowboys traded blows all the way. The first half started out with how many thought this game would go. The Cowboys would take a 17-7 lead in the second quarter, but Oklahoma would work their way back in making it 17-14 Oklahoma State at the half. In what was a physical, bruising, high-energy matchup, many anticipated that to carry over into the second half. The teams would trade blows throughout the game in what would be an offensive shootout for the ages, but that didn't happen. Sloppy, turnover-ridden play took over, as Dillon Gabriel would open the half up with a poorly thrown ball on 1st down. They would stop the Cowboys and score a touchdown though. The Sooners would even get an interception of their own, picking off Alan Bowman, but not produce anything either. They would then allow the Cowboys to retake the lead after the Cowboys stopped this vaunted Sooner offense once again, and little did the Sooners know that the touchdown they scored early in the 3rd would be the last one they would score against their bitter rivals for the foreseeable future. Turnovers were the name of the game in this Bedlam, and the Sooners got the majority of them, something that would be their eventual doom. The Sooners would suffer a crucial fumble on the ensuing drive would cost them another 3 points making the deficit 6, but the Sooners couldn't put the ball in the endzone. A field goal on the ensuing drive followed by a turnover on downs sunk the Sooner ship, and their dreams of the College Football Playoff as well as winning the seemingly final Bedlam showdown were dashed.

Turning Point of the Game

Oklahoma had to answer after allowing Ollie Gordon to score again. Being midway through the final quarter, this game was going to come down to either who made the fatal mistake or who made the marquee play to win the game. Unfortunately for the Sooners, they were the ones to make the fatal mistake. On the first play of the ensuing drive, Dillon Gabriel fumbled the ball at the Oklahoma 19, where the Cowboys picked it up deep in opposing territory. Though the Cowboys only got a field goal out of it, you could tell the Sooners' wheels fell off. The Cowboys would only allow a field goal for the rest of the game, forcing a turnover on downs to end it.

Oklahoma State Cowboy Player of the Game: Ollie Gordon II

Ollie Gordon II is quickly becoming a prime candidate for the Doak Walker Award. Gordon rushed for 33 carries, 137 yards, and 2 touchdowns in a dominant performance. This was a game that was prime pickings for Gordon, Oklahoma's front seven was dealing with a multitude of injuries and wasn't really dominant in the run game to begin with. Gordon proved that this was a game the Cowboys could depend on him, and perhaps cemented a Doak Walker finalist spot with his performance today.

Oklahoma Sooner Player of the Game: Drake Stoops

Drake Stoops looked spectacular in his final Bedlam. The former walk-on had 12 receptions for 134 yards and a score. He was also on the short end of a controversial no-call in the endzone that would have gotten him his second score and put his team ahead. Unfortunately, though, it wasn't to be for his squad, which shouldn't take away from his excellent performance. Stoops is a Sooner through and through, and did his part to give his team a chance at victory.


The Cowboys move to 7-2 overall and 5-1 in the conference. The Sooners suffer a crucial 2nd loss that moves them to 7-2 as well but 4-2 in the conference, making it all but impossible to make the conference tournament with the head-to-head. A strong start for the Sooners quickly sputtered after back-to-back losses, and there are a lot of questions needing answering after what were two sloppy performances. Injuries or not, the last two games left a lot to be desired in all facets. Oklahoma State will face UCF next week on the road, while the Sooners face West Virginia at home to try and bounce back.


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