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Ohio State Football Mount Rushmore Series-Wide Receivers Edition.

Teaming up with our other Ohio State Insider, Matt Dalton, we will make a Mount Rushmore of each unit at Ohio State. Going to start the Mount Rushmore of Ohio State football players and go right for the top-the expansive receiver room, nationally known as Wide Receiver U! There are going to be players left off this list only because this unit is so strong, and we can only select 4.


1. Michael Jenkins, 1999-2003

Jenkins was a three-year starter for the Buckeyes, who is currently Ohio State's all-time leader in receiving yards at 2,898 yards, number four all-time in total receptions at 165 catches, and caught 16 touchdown passes which ranks at fourteen all-time. Jenkins averaged almost 18 yards a catch and helped lead the Buckeyes to a national championship in 2002, then was selected in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons. Many remember the famous "Holy Buckeye" catch against Purdue to help keep Ohio State's undefeated record alive and title hopes! Jenkins is the all-time leader in receiving yards and the top 5 in total receptions.


2. David Boston, 1996-1998

David Boston has one of the most impressive careers at Ohio State. He is the Buckeye's number two all-time career touchdown reception leader at 34. Olave passed his record in 2021 vs Michigan State. Boston checks in at number 2 all-time in receptions with 191 and number three all-time with single receptions record at 85. Boston is number three all-time with the most receptions in a single game at 14 and has the number four record with 13 catches in a game as well. David Boston is number two all-time in receiving yards with an impressive mark of 2,855 yards all-time on 191 catches! As mentioned, David Boston is number two in touchdowns, but twice in a single season, led the way in touchdowns at number 2 all-time with 14 and then again tied at number four with Olave at 13 touchdowns in a single season. They went on to be the 8th overall pick in the NFL draft.


3. Cris Carter

Cris Carter is one of a kind for the Buckeyes, and hard to keep him off this list. Carter checks in at fourth all-time in career receptions at 168 catches and fourth all-time in receiving yards with 2,725 yards from 1984-1986. His single-season accolades come during his 1986 campaign, which checks in ninth all-time at Ohio State, where he caught 69 passes with 1,127 yards receiving. Again, this may seem low with today's style of offense, but this was an Earle Bruce style offense, and that year, Cris Carter made this Ohio State offense and led them to a Cotton Bowl victory over Texas A&M. Carter is number 4 all-time in touchdowns caught with 27 touchdowns!


4. Chris Olave

Number four was hard to find, and as I said before, someone had to be left off, but it will be an honorable mention. Chris Olave did everything right while at Ohio State and developed into an all-time great whether you agree he is on the mount rushmore or not, he's an all-time great! Checking in a number three in pass receptions in his career at 176 catches during his 2018-2021 campaign with 2,711 yards receiving, which is number five all-time. In a single season, Olave most receptions were only 65 catches in a season which is number ten all-time during the 2021 season, but he was on the same field with Garrett Wilson and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. A lot of footballs were shared that season! During the 2021 season, Olave caught 12 passes, number one in a single game. Where Olave did break a record was the all-time touchdown record with 35 touchdowns during his career at Ohio State, which is a record! Olave also checks in at number 4 with 13 touchdowns in a single season during the 2021 season. This all helped Olave, who was recruited as a 3-star recruit, develop into a first-round selection by the New Orleans Saints. Olave was also an All-American at Ohio State and planted a tree in Buckeye Grove.


Honorable Mention

  1. Garrett Wilson- An All-American while at Ohio State, a first-round selection, and the numbers speak for themselves while at Ohio State. I don't think there is a lousy argument for Garrett Wilson not to be on the Mount Rushmore at Ohio State in the receiver unit, but for me, Olave bumped him out with the extra year at Ohio State.

  2. KJ Hill- Hill led all-time in catches with 201 receptions and tied Garrett Wilson at number seven with 70 catches in a season. Hill is also tied at number six with 12 catches in a game and number seven in receiving yards with 2,332 yards.

  3. Jaxon-Smith Njigba- JSN led the 2021 season with 95 catches which is first all-time in a season with 1,606 yards which is also number one all-time in a season. JSN is also first all-time in receptions in a game with 15 in the Rose Bowl vs. Utah and did this earlier that year against Nebraska. Unfortunately for JSN, he had an injury plague junior season, and we were robbed of what could have been the junior season, but he went on to be a first-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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