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NFL, HBCUs Announce Development Summits to Foster Diversity

Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome
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In collaboration with the Black College Football Hall of Fame, the NFL has announced the fourth annual Ozzie Newsome General Manager Forum and the seventh annual Quarterback Coaching Summit.

These events, scheduled for June 17 and 18, will take place at the NFL's Los Angeles league office. Attendees, including coaches from Power Five conferences, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and NFL front office personnel, will have the opportunity to engage in professional development and networking.

NFL Development Summit, Forum Success Stories

Participants will interact with their peers and connect with NFL club executives. These events aim to break mobility barriers and foster a culture of opportunity, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity in the workforce.

"The Quarterback Coaching Summit and Ozzie Newsome General Managers Forum are part of our ongoing efforts to break mobility barriers, establish a cultural norm of opportunity for all, and develop a diverse and inclusive workforce," said Troy Vincent Sr., NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations. “We are dedicated to identifying and strengthening the coaching and personnel development pipeline for experienced coaches of color and providing each participant with the tools to hone their craft and achieve success."

Since the inception of these summits, eight participants have advanced to coaching positions or general manager roles, including:

  • Terry Fontenot, General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons

  • Raheem Morris, Coach of the Atlanta Falcons

  • David Canales, Coach of the Carolina Panthers

  • Andrew Berry, General Manager of the Cleveland Browns

  • Brad Holmes, General Manager of the Detroit Lions

  • DeMeco Ryans, Coach of the Houston Texans

  • Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, General Manager of the Minnesota Vikings

  • Ran Carthon, General Manager of the Tennessee Titans

Texans HC DeMeco Ryan at NFL Honors
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Engagement Panels

Attendees will engage in sessions led by quarterback coaches, offensive coordinators, coaches and general managers, covering topics such as organizing a personnel department, understanding the role of an assistant GM, transitioning from college coaching to the NFL, and leadership and core values. Additionally, general managers from NFL member clubs will participate in a roundtable discussion on the paths to becoming a GM, relationship building and collaboration with coaches.

On June 17, the Ozzie Newsome General Manager Forum will feature sessions and panels led by NFL front office personnel, including:

  • Tim Terry, Kansas City Chiefs

  • Brandon Brown, New York Giants

  • Khai Harley, New Orleans Saints

  • Patrick Foster, Arizona Cardinals

  • Artis Twyman, Los Angeles Rams

  • Chad Alexander, Los Angeles Chargers

  • Brandon Hunt, Philadelphia Eagles

  • Andrew Berry, Cleveland Browns

  • Terry Fontenot, Atlanta Falcons

  • Steve Wyche, NFL Network

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche
© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The June 18 Quarterback Coaching Summit will feature sessions and panels led by current and former coaches, including:

  • Jacqueline Davidson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Ben Wilkerson, New York Jets

  • Jerry Mack, Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Bobby Engram, Washington Commanders

  • Kerry Joseph, Chicago Bears

  • Mike Adams, Washington Commanders

  • Marcus Brady, Los Angeles Chargers

  • Marquice Williams, Atlanta Falcons

  • Anthony Lynn, Washington Commanders

  • David Shaw, NFL Network

  • Pep Hamilton, NFL Network

Marcus Brady LA Chargers pass game coordinator
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Building a Diverse Future

These summits are pivotal in promoting diversity and inclusion within the NFL, providing essential development opportunities for future leaders in football. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment and offering a platform for professional growth, the NFL and the Black College Football Hall of Fame are not only enhancing the career trajectories of participants but also ensuring a richer and more representative future for the league.


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