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Luther Burden III Could Be Nation's Best WR in 2024

Luther Burden III
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In the ever-evolving landscape of college football, the search for the next gridiron sensation is perpetual. For those seeking a player in the mold of San Francisco 49ers’ star receiver Deebo Samuel, the quest may end with Luther Burden III. With a physique reminiscent of Samuel’s and a penchant for electrifying playmaking, Burden’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of spectacular.

Amidst the sea of collegiate wide receivers, Burden stands out as a beacon of athleticism and talent. The sophomore sensation for the Missouri Tigers possesses a striking resemblance to Samuel, not only in stature but also in his ability to wreak havoc with the ball in his hands. With a knack for turning routine receptions into game-changing plays, Burden has emerged as a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.

A 'Burden' for Opposing Secondaries

Burden’s prowess as a wide receiver transcends mere statistics, although they speak volumes about his impact on the field. His 725 yards after the catch, ranking third among all FBS receivers, underscores his ability to create separation and exploit defensive mismatches with his elusiveness and speed. Moreover, his 314 receiving yards after contact highlight his resilience and determination, often requiring multiple defenders to bring him down.

What truly sets Burden apart, however, is his remarkable hands and body control. Despite facing tight coverage and contested catches, Burden displays a rare ability to haul in receptions with consistency and precision. His sure-handedness, evidenced by just four dropped passes out of 94 catchable targets, instills confidence in his quarterbacks and strikes fear into the hearts of opposing defenses.

Exceptional Skills, Abilities

Burden is a great wide receiver due to his exceptional skills and abilities on the field. Here are some key factors that contribute to his success:

  • Consistency: Burden has shown remarkable consistency in his performance, with five consecutive games during the 2023 season where he went over 100 receiving yards.

  • Physicality: At 5-foot-11 and 208 pounds, Burden has a compact build that allows him to be physical and run through arm tackles, making him a difficult opponent to defend.

  • Agility: His ability to make defenders miss and his agility on the field remind some of Samuel. This agility allows him to create separation and make big plays.

  • Multi-purpose ability: Burden is not only a skilled receiver but also has the ability to be used in various ways, making him a versatile weapon for his team’s offense.

  • Production: He has led his team in receiving yards and has been a key contributor to their success, with 83 receptions for 1,197 receiving yards and 8 receiving touchdowns in 2023.

As a former five-star recruit, Burden arrived at Missouri with lofty expectations, and he has not disappointed. Garnering attention from powerhouse programs such as Alabama and Georgia, Burden’s decision to don the Tigers’ jersey has proven to be a boon for both himself and the team. His impact on the field is undeniable, as he continues to dazzle fans and pundits alike with his dynamic playmaking ability.

A Rising Star for Mizzou - Luther Burden III

In his debut season for Mizzou, Burden wasted no time making his mark, electrifying fans with his jaw-dropping performances. From his explosive debut against Louisiana Tech to his standout displays throughout the season, Burden’s star has risen steadily, earning him accolades such as Second-Team All-America honors in 2023.

Luther Burden III
© Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Beyond his individual achievements, Burden’s presence has reshaped the trajectory of the Tigers’ football program. With his ability to perform under pressure and deliver in clutch situations, he has become a linchpin of the team’s success, culminating in their first bowl victory since 2014 in the Cotton Bowl.

As a leader both on and off the field, Burden epitomizes the values of determination, resilience, and excellence, making him an indispensable asset to the Tigers and a rising star in the world of college football.


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