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Louisville Preview: BROHM-ance!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I considered many different topics for my first article, but finally settled on THE most exciting storyline this year is the return of Jeff Brohm to Louisville. The handsome head coach, who many Louisville fans have been yearning for since 2007, is back in the Red and Black!

When Bobby (Version 1.0) left us like a pregnant homecoming queen for the Falcons, Jeff, then but a young whippersnapper, is now a weathered Jason Momoa. It's been a long 16 years for the Cardinal’s football program - far too long for a fanbase that became too content with 8-9 wins and 35+ PPG. It’s been FAR too long since our sweet prince first had his name mentioned as a prospective head coach, but “The Time Is Now”.

This is a homecoming in the grandest sense. His father and his two brothers are Louisville legends. All played at Louisville’s Trinity High School, each winning state titles, and then moving on to guide Louisville to some of their most successful years in Cardinal football history.

Given this years’ schedule, eight wins is very attainable. I don’t think dramatic improvements are needed to be enacted for Louisville to exceed last year’s accomplishments. The biggest questions are how Brohm’s creative play calling will fit with the current roster, especially with the strength of the team being the run game.

Ron English moves into the DC role, coming over with Brohm from Purdue. His career results have been all over the place, and I expect much of the same this year on the defensive side of the ball until the talent catches up. Last year, Louisville was solid overall, but there was never going to be a happy ending with Satterfield after deciding to flirt with South Carolina in his first season.

The ACC was weak last year, and I think there’s a solid chance it could be even worse this season. Clemson isn’t considered the normal power that they’ve been, and the pressure is on Florida State to make a jump. Overall, I expect it will be a season of several coin toss games, and that is when effective coaching can mean the difference between victory or defeat.

My projection: 10-2

The addition of quarterback Jack Plummer from Cal will give Louisville a head start on what would normally be a rebuilding year. Plummer is a mature quarterback who knows Brohm’s scheme from his experience at Purdue, and I think that is a huge advantage in a league that will be a dogfight every week.

My other projection:

Louisville may be two years away from getting back to national prominence. We saw glimpses of what could be with an Orange Bowl victory and Lamar’s Heisman season, but HE will get them back to a top-25 ranking on a regular basis and Louisville football will once again become a family event like it always has been when a Brohm was on the sidelines.


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