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Largest Football Facility in the country at Texas Tech?

Texas Tech's $240 million facilities project for the Red Raider football program.
© Annie Rice/Avalanche-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

As the Texas Tech Jones AT&T football stadium and new Womble Football Center are undergoing a complete make-over as part of a $240 million project to renovate and expand parts of the facility, they have set a very tight deadline for the completion of construction.

Starting early in 2023, construction crews began the thorough dismantling of the Goin’ Band from Raiderland seating area in the south endzone. As the regular season wrapped up at the end of last year's fall, demo crews were working hard to turn this facility into the largest square-foot football facility in the country. The stadium will be attached via sky bridge to the Sports Performance Center built in 2017 and the currently under construction, Womble Football Center, offices, and training facility.

Behind the south end zone was a walkway used for visitors, buses, and foot traffic coming and going from the stadium next to an aging practice facility, staff offices, and meeting rooms. In just a few short months crews razed the training facility and adjacent buildings. Long gone too was the recognizable “Double T” scoreboard that sat atop the south end zone as well.

As staff and athletes return from this year’s Spring Break, the new Double T scoreboard is being erected to a height of 123 feet above the playing field. The original Double T sign had been a fixture for decades and as part of the overall expansion, everyone agreed, the sign needed a size and digital upgrade. The south end zone is now home to additional luxury boxes at the 200 level and directly at field level across the back of the entire end zone. Seating for the band remains but just adjacent to the original section.

Currently, an out-of-place Bohemoth Caterpillar front loader sits in the middle of the northeast 100-level seats excavating a large section of seats to dig an above surface tunnel that will then house the 5,400sq’ state-of-the-art visitors’ locker room. . The entire stadium is being upgraded by electronics juggernaut Daktronics. The north-end expansion includes a new and improved Daktronics 139-foot-long by 37-foot-high digital monitor while a 320-foot-wide ribbon digital screen and two massive multifunctional screens will be erected on each end of the south end zone.

Jones AT&T Stadium
© Annie Rice/Avalanche-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

This massive expansion was made possible with $240 million raised through a large single private donation, other corporate and private donations, plus luxury ticket box sales. With less than 12 months to finish the demo, map, plan, and build it all, construction crews are confident they will be finished and ready for football as Texas Tech opens its 2024 season against West Texas rival Abilene Christian on August, 31.


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