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Kansas Football Player Charged In Bomb Threat Incident

July 24th was a normal off-season day for Kansas football until it wasn't. Players were going through their typical off-season workouts, filing in and out of the Anderson Family Football Complex, and preparing for the upcoming and much anticipated 2023 season.

The Jayhawks are coming off their best season since 2008, and the air surrounding the program is positive for the first time in over a decade.

Then, it happened. At around 3 pm, a bomb threat was issued to Anderson Family Football Complex by an anonymous caller. Anderson was evacuated and Lawrence Police were dispatched to investigate. Bleacher Report’s Bryson Stricker was one of the first to report:


After initial investigations concluded, the anonymous caller is alleged to be Kansas Football sophomore offensive lineman Joe Krause. Krause had allegedly called Lawrence PD issuing the threat. Krause was taken into custody and charged with aggravated criminal threat and cause of terror, evacuation, and disruption. The police report is below, per Lainey Gerber of KSNT 27 News.

Kansas Football

Kansas football player contends his "tweet" is misunderstood

We still do not know the true motive as of yet, however from what it looks like, Joe Krause allegedly called the Lawrence Police Department to issue a bomb threat “as a joke” regarding a bathroom “incident” Joe had been through. In Kansas, however, this type of “joke” is a level 5 person felony charge that could result in 31 to 136 months of prison time and up to $300,000 in fines. The official charge is posted below, per Jordan Guskey:

Kansas Football

Kansas Football

Krause’s bond was reportedly set to $10,000 and will appear in court at 9 am on August 2nd, according to the Kansas City Star’s Shereyas Laddha. More reports will come as information comes in regarding the matter. Krause nor Kansas Football has issued an official statement on the matter. Just goes to show you folks, the bathroom business, is your business and your business alone. Nobody needs to know about all that.



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