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K-State win leads to possible QB competition

Bill Snyder Family Stadium
Photo Credit-Nick Friesen CFD

Coming into the game tonight against Texas Tech the Kansas State staff reported that Will Howard was the starter at the quarterback position. That was true Will Howard coming off of a rough game in Stillwater Oklahoma the week before came into the game and led the Wildcats to a field goal in the first drive. The second drive showed promise but ended in a punt.

Enter freshman phenom Avery Johnson a 4-star QB from Maize Kansas. He then marched the offense down the field in five plays capping the drive off with calling his own number for a two-yard touchdown run. Switching every other drive even once during a drive that Will Howard started that ended on an Avery Johnson five-yard touchdown rush. Will Howard was given the first drive in the second half that ended in a three-and-out possession. At the 7:31 mark, Avery walked out on the field in Lubbock Texas trailing for the first time on the night 21-17 capping that drive off with a 30-yard run for his third touchdown and that was enough for the staff to stick with Avery Johnson the rest of the night running for five touchdowns a freshman FBS record and a tie with Collin Klien and Jonathan Beasley for a Kansas State record. The Wildcats ended up getting their first win on the road this season 38-21 with this performance.

Where to go from here?

The Kansas State staff knows what they are doing here. Most K-State fans are salivating for Avery Johnson, but you cannot forget the performance Will Howard had leading the team to the Big 12 Championship and a Sugar Bowl berth. You can bet on one thing Avery Johnson at the very least will have a package in this offense for the rest of the season. No matter which way the Kansas State staff decides to go they will still be solid and will still win some games the rest of the season. This week it will be worth watching to see what way the Kansas State staff will go heading back home to Bill Snyder Family Stadium to face off with TCU (4-3,2-2).


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