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Jim Harbaugh's Coaching Future at the University of Michigan is now unclear

As another storyline trickles out of Ann Arbor fans are left again wondering what to believe. On Sunday evening the Wall Street Journal dropped a story that the University of Michigan had rescinded the

contract that had been offered to head coach Jim Harbaugh. Not long after Adam Rittenberg of ESPN added more confusion to the contract situation when he tweeted out that a source told @TomVH that Harbaugh was instructed not to sign yet. During Harbaugh's Monday press conference, a question was asked about the rescinded contract to which he replied, “I wouldn’t say that’s accurate, No., and the university has a policy on contracts and publicly talking about them."

After Harbaugh's team went 12-2 in 2021, Michigan gave him a 5-year 36.7-million-dollar deal in 2022. Then with another successful season in 2022, Michigan going 13-1 most people believed that another new deal was coming. People assumed that the new deal would have made Harbaugh the highest-paid coach in the Big 10 and would have ended any possibility of him taking a job in the NFL. Harbaugh was asked earlier in the month about the new contract he responded with “Like anybody you want to be somewhere where you’re wanted” and this contract would have done that.

Then came the events of the last two weeks, which looks to have changed everything and put a hold on the two sides finalizing the deal. If Michigan fans are truly honest with themselves, this is the only outcome there could have been. There is just too much hanging over Harbaugh at this point for Michigan to continue the process. It's hard enough to Justify a new deal with one ongoing NCAA investigation, but two makes it nearly impossible. Some Michigan fans don’t want to hear it, but Michigan is going about it the right way, the only way they could. Michigan fans are now left yet again to wait and see how another storyline is going to play out. Unfortunately for fans, the storylines are now starting to pile up with no end in sight.


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