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Jayden Daniels: Death Valley's Ultimate Warrior

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Jayden Daniels is the best quarterback in college football. What is the makeup to be the best quarterback in college football? It is a dedication to the sport, establishing chemistry with his teammates, being a leader on the field, and possessing a warrior mentality—all these traits and characteristics Daniels possesses and is the “it” factor for LSU.

Jayden Daniels and his 2023 Season at LSU

In 2023, Jayden has added 10 pounds to his frame and improved his leadership skills while leading the Tigers to a 6-2 record through eight games so far this season. He has thrown for 2,573 yards (11 yards per pass attempt) and 25 touchdowns, with just three INTs. In addition, he has rushed for 521 yards and five more scores, averaging 5.73 yards per carry.

In six of those eight games, Jayden has completed 70% or better of his passes. He has been honored as the SEC Player of the Week three times so far this season.

Against Missouri on the road, Daniels displayed his warrior mentality. LSU got off to a rough start and before you knew it, they were down 25-17 at halftime. In the 2nd half, Daniels suffered severely bruised ribs and a swollen left hand (his non-throwing hand) and had to leave the field to seek medical attention.

He was not in the medical tent very long. Trainers taped up his ribs and Jayden trotted back out on the field. The ensuing Missouri possession resulted in a 3 and out. Daniels and the LSU got the ball back.

Jayden then promptly led LSU down the field with surgical precision, finding WR Malik Nabers on a 35-yard dart. Then on 3rd and short, with every movement and step sending pain cascading through his torso, Daniels tore through the Missouri defense like Patton’s 3rd Army and scored on a 40-yard touchdown run to give LSU their first lead of the game. When the game clock struck zero, LSU had earned a 49-39 hard-fought comeback win.

For the game, Jayden accounted for 389 total yards and four touchdowns. Playing through the pain and leading his team to a comeback victory is what makes Daniels special. That is what true warriors do.

The chemistry he has established with his two favorite targets, WR Malik Nabers and WR Brian Thomas, Jr. is obvious. Nabers leads the nation in receiving yards per game with 122/game. Nabers has 56 catches for 981 yards and nine touchdowns, averaging 17 yards per FBS.

Thomas has hauled in 42 of Daniels’s passes for 732 yards and 11 touchdowns. Those 11 receiving TDs also lead the nation.

In the last four games alone, Daniels has completed 70% or better of his passes while throwing 13 touchdowns and just one INT. Daniels leads the nation in total offense (386 yards per game) and in rushing yards by a quarterback. Jayden leads the SEC with 321 yards per game.

Daniels is the engine that drives the LSU offensive juggernaut that has gained 500+yards of total offense in seven of eight games this season, one that ranks nationally in the following categories:

  • #1 in Total Offense at 552 yards/game

  • #4 in Passing Offense at 339 yards/game

  • #12 in Rushing Offense at 213 yards/game

  • #1 in Scoring Offense at 47 points/game

For his college career, Daniels has passed for 11,510 yards,74 TDs, and 19 INTs in 51 starts (third most starts in the FBS behind Bo Nix and Sam Hartman). In addition, he has gained 2,694 rushing yards and 29 TDs. That is 14,000+ yards of total offense and 103 total touchdowns.

Among those 51 starts, Jayden has won 34 games.

The Alabama Game

Daniels is the undisputed leader of this team and has the respect of the coaches and his teammates. Jayden will lead the Tigers out of the tunnel vs #8 Alabama in prime-time television coverage tomorrow night in Tuscaloosa. There are playoff and conference championship implications in this battle of bitter rivals.

Daniels is a legitimate Heisman Trophy contender. With a win, this would be his Heisman moment and he would be the first quarterback to defeat a Nick Saban-coached Alabama team in back-to-back seasons.

Jayden Daniels may be full of California love, but he plays football with a passion for the flagship university in Louisiana. He is a warrior with a high football I.Q. and the sheer will and fortitude to lead LSU to victory.


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