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Is It Make or Break for Ryan Day?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Via Ohio State Athletics

It’s been surprising to the Buckeye faithful that the last two seasons of Ohio State football has ended in out-of-the-ordinary loses. It’s been nerve-wrecking and just not normal!

Many thought that the 2021 edition of “The Game” was just a fluke. It was a snowy day in Ann Arbor, and C.J. Stroud may not have been ready for the big moments as a rookie QB. Perhaps the Buckeyes we’re still trying to figure out their first loss in 8 years to the Wolverines.

Then came 2022. All the miseries of 2021 were distant memories. “The Game” game would be back in The Shoe for the first time since 2018! Both teams were 11-0, and the winner was headed to Indy. C.J. Stroud had the experience; the Buckeyes had a new defensive coordinator, and they had the best receiver in college football, Marvin Harrison Jr.

What could go wrong?

Well … Everything! The Buckeyes fell again to TTUN for the second straight year.

So, what’s next for the Ryan Day era? I, for one, believe in Ryan Day! There’s not one coach I’d take over him right now. He runs a clean program that is very family oriented, and I love the mantra of FIGHT to build a program.

Can he do things better? Absolutely! Day can:

  • Focus his emphasis on toughness, aggressive play calling in every game (like he did against Clemson and Georgia), and

  • adjust to the NIL/portal era.

Every coach has their pros and cons, but to be the head coach of THE Ohio State places a new coach under the microscope. I think Ryan Day knows that. You can tell that he takes it to heart every time the Buckeyes lose. He’s already inherited that unique Ohio mindset - the winners’ mentality.

This year, I believe, is a make or break year for Ryan Day. I don’t see a scenario where you lose to TTUN three years in a row, miss out on a trip to the Big Ten Championship game, a chance for the playoffs - and keep a job at Ohio State.

To be honest, last year was an anomaly. Although the Buckeyes were embarrassed in Columbus, we all saw a glimpse of the dynamic talent we have when it’s coached effectively. The Buckeyes were just one field goal away from the National Championship! All the pieces on the offense and defense fell together, but fell only a tad short. That’s the kind of year it was for the Buckeyes. It does, however, give us an idea of what a Ryan Day-coached team is capable of!

Imagine yourself as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Do you want just survive, or do you want to take your company to the top? You want elite staff, you don’t hire just average, and you expect greatness. Ohio State is run the same way. They expect greatness year in and year out, and won’t settle for average.

The fans don’t want just average, the boosters don’t want just average, administration won’t accept just average, and when the players sign to come to Ohio State they don’t want just average.

I believe in Ryan Day, and want him to remain at Ohio State until he retires. In fact, I want to be there when his statue is built next to Woody Hayes!

I believe it can happen, but he has to win it THIS year. Coach Day has no choice. I believe that Kyle McCord silences the McCarthy debate, and the defense wins Day’s first national title with the Buckeyes (yes, I believe the defense will be that good!). There’s a lot of work to be done from now ‘til November, but enjoy the Ryan Day Buckeyes this season - he’s a once-in-a-generation coach.

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