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'Hard Knocks' Launches New In-Season Series With AFC North

Hard Knocks features AFC North
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As the NFL gets ready for the upcoming season, the iconic franchise of "Hard Knocks" has already announced that it will showcase the offseason with the New York Giants, who are getting ready for the 100th season in the franchise's history, beginning on July 2. The series previously announced that the Bears organization will be showcased during training camp, starting on Aug. 6. Today the "Hard Knocks" series announced that the AFC North will be featured for the regular season and playoffs.

Last season, the AFC North became the first division to have all four teams finish with a winning record. The series will showcase the hotly contested division for the final six weeks of the NFL season as the Ravens, Steelers, Bengals and Browns battle for the division title and wild card spots.

"Last season the AFC North became the first division ever to have all four teams finish with a winning record, making it the perfect place to launch this new approach to 'Hard Knocks,'" said NFL Films Vice President and Head of Content Keith Cossrow.

The in-season edition of the "Hard Knocks" series will mark the second time on the show for the Ravens and Browns, and the third time for the Bengals. It will be the first time on the series for the Steelers. Over the years, the AFC North has become one of the more challenging divisions in the NFL during the always-important playoff push for the NFL.

For the 2024 season, the 18-time Emmy-winning series will enter new territory as they will officially cover all parts of the NFL season from the offseason through the playoffs.

"We thank the Bengals, Browns, Ravens and Steelers for the opportunity to showcase some of the greatest rivalries in football and present the intensity of a playoff chase from all four corners of this incredibly competitive division," Cossrow said.

This new venture for the series will showcase some of the league's best players and coaches in what has become the toughest division. The in-season series will debut on Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO and will air through the playoffs in January 2025.


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