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'22 Forever': Falcons Cornerback Clark Phillips III Honors Late Utes Teammates

Falcons CB Clark Phillips #34 standing during a practice
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On April 8th, it was announced that Atlanta Falcons cornerback Clark Phillips III, who played for the Utah Utes from 2020 to 2022, has changed his jersey number to #22. He had previously worn #34 for the Falcons and although it may only be a jersey number change, this gesture means a lot to Utes fans across the country.

Why Did Clark Phillips III Change His Jersey Number?

The change from #34 comes in remembrance of his Utes teammates Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan, who both tragically passed away while in college. Both players wore #22, with Lowe picking the number to honor Ty Jordan, who passed away in December 2020, before he himself passed away in September 2021.

Even years later, Jordan and Lowe’s impact on the Utes football program is apparent. While retiring the #22 jersey number, the team wore decals on their helmets since the passing to remember both of their beloved Utes teammates and rebranded their annual spring game to the “22 Forever Game,” with all ticket proceeds going to the 22 Forever Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to the players on the team who show “the inspiring qualities Ty and Aaron demonstrated.” Also, a new tradition for the Utes was born called the “Moment of Loudness,” where fans cheer as loud as they can between the third and fourth quarters. The team has taken on the motto of “22% Better” in constant reminder of what Lowe and Jordan stood for.

Who is Clark Phillips III?

Clark Phillips was a star cornerback for the Utah Utes from 2020 to 2022. With the Utes, he ended his collegiate career with 110 total tackles and 9 interceptions. In the 2023 NFL Draft, he was selected 113th overall by the Atlanta Falcons. After being drafted by Atlanta, he recorded 24 total tackles in 11 games played in his rookie season and is looking to take the leap to further playing time in 2024.


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