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ESPN Fails to Credit College Football Dawgs

Recently, the media mega power ESPN reported that Auburn football legend and running backs coach Carnell "Cadillac" Williams would not be returning to his role with the Auburn Tigers football team. ESPN reporter Pete Thamel reported it as breaking news on January 11th. However, the team here at College Football Dawgs had reported it happening a week earlier than what ESPN and Pete Thamel had reported when we tweeted it out on January 4th.

One Week Earlier...

Now, everyone knows the ESPN name and the credibility that comes along with being a top source for so many fans and professionals alike. However, when a new site on the block goes out and gets the scoop before the big names in the media industry, due diligence should be done. We at College Football Dawgs are striving to create our lane and be a site where fans from everywhere can come and get credible, honest information about the sport and teams that they love. We are fans at heart.

In the grand landscape that is sports, and college football specifically, this is a small blip. However, it speaks to a larger narrative of ESPN wanting the world of sports to revolve around how they want the stories and narratives told. Reporting and reporters should be aware of other sources and sites that break stories and give them proper credit. It would show that journalism and reporting matter. It would also encourage sites such as to have high standards and be the best they can be as they carve out their spot in the landscape that is college football reporting.

Credit where Credit is Due...ESPN

With that being said, we do enjoy what ESPN does consistently with their programming and the sports they provide coverage for sports fans everywhere. As we have said, at heart we are all fans. However, as we strive to be better, we would like them to be better, and if we do our job and break a story, it should be noted by the bigger names when ESPN and its group of reporters announce it as breaking news at a later date.

The next stop for the Coach Cadillac is yet to be determined. After spending five seasons with the Tigers, rumors are circulating that a position on an NFL staff could be next, as we at College Football Dawgs indicated in a recent tweet. The talented coach will have plenty of suitors for his services on coaching staffs at the college and professional levels.

ESPN was contacted and refused to provide a comment.


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