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EA Sports Releases Gameplay Footage for College Football 25

EA Sports

College Football fans have waited 11 years for another EA Sports College Football video game. The days have been counting down to the game's release in roughly one week. EA Sports released a 21-minute video highlighting features of what gameplay will be like when the game is released on July 19.

The first takeaway from the gameplay is that when a user wants to pass the ball on offense, the routes will be as they typically are in Madden, where users will be able to see the highlighted route for every receiver on the play.

However, unlike Madden, where users can tap the button and the ball goes in the direction of the intended receiver, there will be a meter along with the pass. EA Sports is introducing the meter as a way to revamp passing in the game. EA Sports has the meter being in blue, yellow and red, and EA's director of design, Scott O'Gallagher, said that the throws in the red "will be more off target and that we worked off a bullseye system."

Running Game

When EA users decide to run the ball, the way EA presents it in the game will be the way users have traditionally run the ball in Madden. For the gameplay demo, EA had Michigan's running back Donovan Edwards playing the game, and talked about playing the game

"It felt like I was out there.”

Donovan Edwards, Miching Running Back

When users are at the line of scrimmage EA Sports has introduced a feature that will let users see the player's "wear and tear" and "fatigue" levels.

Disguising Defenses

On the defensive side of the ball, EA Sports introduced "Coverage Shells," which changes a base alignment to change the defensive look that the opposing offense will see. So, if a user wants to surprise blitz their opponent, that option will now be available.

EA also has a response for late-game no-huddle situations, which they are billing as "Turbo Mode." In this mode, opposing offenses can quickly get to the line and the defense will be at a disadvantage.

Also brand new for College Football 25 is more celebration options to show off after making a game-changing play—unlike the Madden franchise, which only gives you a few celebration options.

As the anticipation continues to build for the game, there is more excitement all over social media. For fans of college football, their 11-year wait is now in its final countdown.


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