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EA Sports Drops Top 25 College Football Offense Ratings

EA Sports College Football '25 Cover -- Top 25 Offenses
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EA Sports College Football 25 is scheduled for initial release on July 19. Ahead of the release, the sports gaming company has announced its rankings of the top offenses in college football. Full team rankings will be released on June 28.

Criteria involved in the offensive rankings include players on team rosters, compiled statistics and game film analysis.

Fans and gamers are buzzing with excitement as this is the first college football video game from EA Sports since 2013. The cover of the new game features Texas Longhorns quarterback Quinn Ewers, Colorado two-way sensation Travis Hunter and Michigan running back Donovan Edwards.

The Top 25 Offenses

Here is the Top 25 according to EA Sports. Noted beside each team is the rating score assessed by EA Sports, based on a meticulous examination of thousands of data points, with assistance from Pro Football Focus:

  1. Georgia: 94 overall

  2. Oregon: 94 overall

  3. Alabama: 91 overall

  4. Texas: 91 overall

  5. Ohio State: 89 overall

  6. LSU: 89 overall

  7. Miami: 89 overall

  8. Colorado: 89 overall

  9. Missouri: 89 overall

  10. Clemson: 87 overall

  11. Utah: 87 overall

  12. Penn State: 87 overall

  13. Ole Miss: 87 overall

  14. Kansas: 87 overall

  15. Arizona: 87 overall

  16. North Carolina State: 87 overall

  17. Notre Dame: 85 overall

  18. Texas A&M: 85 overall

  19. Memphis: 85 overall

  20. SMU: 85 overall

  21. UCF: 85 overall

  22. Florida State: 83 overall

  23. Oklahoma: 83 overall

  24. Virginia Tech: 83 overall

  25. USC: 83 overall

Features of the Game

All 134 FBS teams will be included in the game. As of May, more than 12,800 college players accepted offers to allow the usage of their names, images and likenesses in the game. EA is reportedly paying each participating student-athlete $600 along with a copy of the game. The standard game is valued at approximately $70, and the deluxe edition is valued at approximately $100.

To emulate recent developments in college football, the game will include transfer portal features and tools to allow gamers to create and manipulate conferences. Players will also have options to engage in recruiting. Furthermore, the game will mimic reality by including a simulated Heisman Trophy presentation and a 12-team College Football Playoff.


Jun 28

Pony Up Mustangs! 🐴


Jun 28

With Zachariah Branch and Miller Moss, plus a solid offensive line anchored by Jonah Monheim, USC's offense should be rated significantly higher.

Jun 28
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The Trojans lost to Notre Dame and UCLA last year.

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