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EA Sports College Football: Excitement Builds with New Leaks

 Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders.
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As we approach the summer launch of EA Sports College Football, more information is being leaked as fans thirst for updates. Who will be the cover athletes? Is Shedeur Sanders still being considered for the cover? What gaming platforms will the game support? Get ready to uncover the hottest rumors, separate fact from fiction, and discover which ones are game-changers and which are just hype!

Who Are The Cover Athletes?

In April, Matt Brown with Extra Points reported the game would feature multiple cover athletes from various positions. On May 10, gamers spotted what might have been an accidental leak of the PlayStation deluxe edition cover on the PlayStation store.

The cover appears to feature the following players:

  • Donovan Edwards, running back, Michigan

  • Travis Hunter, cornerback and wide receiver, Colorado

  • Quinn Ewers, quarterback, Texas

  • Jalen Milroe, quarterback, Alabama

  • Carson Beck, quarterback, Georgia

  • Quinshon Judkins, running back, Ohio State

Judkins is a surprising choice since he has yet to take a snap for the Buckeyes. He transferred in January, having rushed for 2,725 yards and 31 touchdowns over two seasons at Ole Miss. Fans might have been less surprised to see running back TreVeyon Henderson, who has played three seasons at Ohio State, on the cover instead of representing the scarlet and grey.

Unless it's a clever marketing strategy, EA seemed taken aback by the leak. EA has set a countdown clock on their site for May 16, when they will unveil the official two covers for the game.

For those curious about potential cover athletes over the past ten years had the game continued, check out our article where we selected a cover athlete for each year.

Rumor Verdict - This is 100% confirmed: our first look reveals six active players who will grace the cover. The big question remaining is; who will be on the second, unseen cover?"

Will Shedeur Sanders Be On The Cover?

With Travis Hunter confirmed for one of the two covers, would EA consider putting another Colorado Buffalo alongside him, namely Shedeur Sanders, on the second cover? Earlier this year, Sanders tweeted "@EASportsCollege knows the right thing to do" before deleting it, leading many to speculate that he had been selected for the cover.

Sanders is a polarizing figure in college football, but featuring him on the cover would surely create more buzz and boost sales. His talent and his connection to his high-profile coach and father, Deion Sanders, make him a compelling choice.

Rumor Verdict - Following the reveal of the first cover, the prevailing rumor is that Sanders won't be on the second cover EA will release on May 16. However, this rumor is rated 80% false, as Sanders makes the most sense due to his skillset and popularity. If extra compensation is offered to cover athletes, this hasn't been disclosed and could be the sole obstacle stopping Sanders from appearing on the cover if he and EA do not reach an agreement.

What Gaming Systems Will It Be Available On?

The last time the game was released in 2014, it was available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Although no official PC version was released, creative gamers found ways to emulate the game for PC play. Let's take a look at the potential gaming systems this year's game could be made available on:

  • PlayStation

    • PS5 - Confirmed, as the game is already listed on the PlayStation store.

    • PS4 - Unknown but unlikely due to EA's focus on next-gen consoles.

  • Xbox

    • Series X/S - Confirmed, as it's available on the Xbox website.

    • Xbox 360 - Unlikely for the same reason as the PS4.

  • PC - Unknown but possible.

  • Nintendo Switch - Highly unlikely despite some EA games being available on the platform.

Georgia Bulldogs players playing video games during media day at Philips Arena in 2018.
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Rumor Verdict - The only solid rumor suggests the game might also be available for PC. While EA has released other games, like Madden 24, for PC, this rumor is rated as 95% false. Expect this year's game to be released exclusively on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

When Do We Learn More About EA Sports College Football?

The pinned tweet on the EA Sports Twitter/X account continues to promise a "full reveal in May," with more details about the game covers expected on May 16.

As we approach the rumored July release, anticipate further leaks about the game. Fans are eagerly waiting to learn more about gameplay and whether EA has included the features they crave! College Football Dawgs will continue to keep you updated as we learn more!


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