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Draft Day Analysis: Cooper DeJean's Impact on the Eagles

Cooper DeJean
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The NFL Draft buzz reached a crescendo Friday night as the Philadelphia Eagles made a pivotal selection in the second round of the NFL draft. With the buzz of the draft still echoing, the Eagles selected Iowa cornerback Cooper DeJean in the second round, signaling their confidence in his potential to contribute to their success.

Who is Cooper DeJean?

The Eagles made a strategic move in the draft's second round, choosing DeJean, a 6-foot-1, 203-pound cornerback. Originating from Odebolt, Iowa, DeJean is a seasoned senior from Iowa.

What is DeJean's impact?

The Eagles strategically drafted DeJean to elevate the depth and adaptability of their secondary unit. Despite speculation about his ideal position, with some advocating for safety due to his size and experience, DeJean's proficiency and impact as a cornerback affirm his suitability in that role.

However, the Eagles are poised to leverage his multifaceted skill set to fortify their defensive scheme, potentially deploying him in various positions to maximize his contributions on the field.

How Quickly Can DeJean Contribute?

Given DeJean's blend of talent, versatility and competitive nature, he's poised to make an early impact for the Eagles. With his solid skill set and reputation for being a competitive player, he's primed to contribute effectively on defense.

DeJean's ability to play multiple positions adds to his value, potentially providing a valuable complement to players like CJ Gardner-Johnson in the secondary. The Eagles' selection of DeJean represents a savvy move, as they stand to benefit from his contributions sooner rather than later.

Scouting DeJean

Cooper DeJean possesses a versatile skill set that enables him to excel in multiple positions on the field. With solid ball skills, good size, and a stout build, he's equipped to make an impact whether lining up at cornerback or safety.

His knack for intercepting passes, particularly in zone coverage, highlights his instincts and awareness in the secondary. Moreover, DeJean isn't shy about getting physical, showcasing a willingness to tackle and engage with opponents in run support. Beyond his defensive prowess, his versatility extends to special teams, where he could contribute as a punt returner, adding another dimension to his game.

DeJean's ability to play multiple positions enhances his value as a well-rounded defensive asset for any NFL team.


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