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Dawg Review: Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Wolverines 'Most Watched' College Game 2023

Ohio State traveled to Ann Arbor to face Michigan in a battle of the undefeated teams and a chance to head to the Big 10 Championship. In a game that needs no hype, this had it all, from a suspended head coach, undefeated teams, both teams ranked in the top 4, and the only game of the day that was going to decide a trip to a championship game.

Michigan was riding a two-game winning streak heading into the game, but OSU fans will make sure you know the only reason they won was because of the sign stealing they were accused of. Ohio State CB Denzel Gurke would even Guarantee the win unfortunately for OSU fans he was wrong. The Game would live up to the hype and in the end, Michigan would beat the Buckeyes again 30-24.

If losing to the Michigan Wolverines isn’t bad enough for the Buckeyes, they did it in the most-watched college football game of the year. 19.7 million views turned in to watch this year’s version of “The Game”, and they got to see the hometown Wolverines walk away with another win. The 2022 game drew 17.14 million viewers which was the most watched regular season game last year.

The game of the week for the SEC was the Iron Bowl which featured Alabama and Auburn the two SEC giants drew 9.09 million views, coming nowhere close to the 19.7 million that watched Michigan beat OSU. Michigan fans enjoyed the game, and now get to enjoy knowing that 19.7 million people got to watch them beat their rivals again.


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