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Dawg Review: BYU's Offense Struggles as Texas Coasts to a 35-6 Win

BYU vs Texas Line of Scrimmage
'LOS 1' Photo Credit: McCord Mecham

BYU struggles offensively in the 35-6 route in Austin. In a game that was almost opposite of what we have seen from BYU throughout this season. The storylines have seemed to be BYU scoring without many yards to show for it. BYU actually did better than average when it came to yards in this game, but unfortunately, they were unable to find the points this time.

In BYU's previous two games against TCU and Texas Tech, we saw Slovis throw for only 154 and 127 yards respectively. He was able to bump that up in Austin to 197. The Rushing game was again a bit above average with 95 as opposed to the 79 they have averaged up to this game as well as compared to the 9 rushing yards they managed against TCU two weeks ago.

BYU was also able to win the time of possession battle by just over six minutes. They also had more 1st downs than Texas 17-16. What they didn't win was the turnover differential (-1), field position battle, and the line of scrimmage.

BYU had three turnovers. Texas was able to capitalize on each one of those with touchdowns. BYU also gave up a punt return for a touchdown. With the turnovers and BYU's inability to move the ball, Texas had good field position for most of the game, Texas's average starting line of scrimmage being their own 44 while BYU's was their own 22. BYU did have a couple of great 4th down stands to make Texas turn over on downs in the red zone but for the majority of the game, it was easy to tell that our offensive and defensive lines were outmatched. Texas averaged over 5 yards per rushing attempt which really came in handy in their six 3rd down conversions.

We BYU fans should try to remember though, that this is a really good Texas team. They are every bit of a top-10 team in the country and I don't think we should be calling for a quarterback switch or calling to fire any coaches just yet. This is our first season in the BIG 12 and we are outperforming our new BIG 12 members so far. At the beginning of the season, if I had told you that BYU would start 5-3, you all would have taken that deal and been happy with it. I know we got our hopes a little high because that's just what we BYU fans do, but try to have perspective.

BYU vs Texas Line of Scrimmage
'LOS 2' Photo Credit: McCord Mecham

I think by the end of this season we will consider this a successful first year in the BIG 12. Let's stick behind this team, the players, and the coaches and support them to rally for the end of the season. Let's go bowling and hope it's somewhere warm!

Go Cougs!



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