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Dawg Breaking News: Nick Saban Retiring

Updated: Jan 10

Legendary coach, Nick Saban, has officially retired from college football at the age of 72. Nick Saban took over Alabama and reestablished the winning culture & tradition that Bear Bryant left behind. Before Alabama, Nick Saban led the LSU Tigers to a National title in 2003 and left for the NFL to coach the Miami Dolphins.

Arguably the greatest coach of all time, Nick Saban has officially retired with an overall record of 297-71-1. He was a 9-time National Coach of the Year winning 7 National Championships, 11 conference championships, and Multiple Heisman trophy winners. He led Alabama to four BCS National Titles and three College Football Playoff Titles. He finished with a record of 19-12 in bowl games, and 9-5 in the college football playoff era.

Possible Replacements For Nick Saban?

With Nick Saban retiring, Alabama must bring a new headman in. Under Saban, there have been multiple coaches leaving to coach elsewhere. I would suggest these coaches be at the top of the must-call lists to replace Saban;

Dan Lanning has an overall record of 22 - 5. Since Lanning took over Oregon, He has been a tremendous recruiter and has consistently built a toughness with Oregon. He is a young, fiery guy who can step in and lead the charge.

Kirby Smart has an overall record of 94-16. I don't believe Kirby would leave Georgia to become Alabama's Head Coach. Kirby has won 2 National Titles and has been the leader in all of College Football recruiting with multiple top 5 classes.

Lane Kiffin has an overall record of 94-49. Lane Kiffin has maximized Ole Miss in my opinion. He may win a championship in an off year but he is consistently putting out 9-10 win seasons with a high-powered offense to follow.


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