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College Football Dawgs Strikes Deal with YardBarker

Updated: Apr 19

The new era begins for College Football Dawgs after signing a syndication agreement with Yardbarker


College Football Dawgs Joins Yardbarker's Content Syndication Program

LOS ANGELES, CA - College Football Dawgs spokesperson Brandon Biskobing informed the media Friday morning that the ten-month-old college sports brand has struck a 1-year, autorenewal deal with worldwide sports syndication network, Yardbarker. College Football Dawgs will provide content to Yardbarker as part of the revenue-sharing agreement.

When asked about the agreement, College Football Dawgs CEO Hunter Dworsky stated:

"I want to thank the CEO of Yardbarker Ben Maggin for working with us to secure this agreement. Our Dawgs are excited to partner with Yardbarker to provide their community with top-notch articles. Any revenue, anything that we make [in this agreement] with Yardbarker, is going to be redistributed to our content creators. Without them, you wouldn't see us outpacing our competitors already within our first 10 months. I recall that, as of March, we outpaced one of our competitors by 6,000 views per month on average. We felt this deal was important because the fans don't view our content because of my name or Collin's. Instead, they read our content because our content creators publish materials with the fans in mind. That goes right back to our motto: 'For The Fans!'"

Yardbarker is a premier sports and entertainment media platform, providing news and analysis across all major sports with an emphasis on NFL, college football, MLB, NBA, and NHL. The platform publishes 60,000 full-text articles per month through a combination of its in-house editorial team and 300+ content syndication sites. Attracting over 10 million unique users per month, Yardbarker distributes content via, its flagship daily newsletter The Morning Bark, and via third-party syndication partners.

College Football Dawgs COO Collin Sutrick was asked about the prioritization of the Yardbarker agreement and answered:

"Coming into Year 1, we needed to answer the question 'Can we do this? Is it possible to take back sports media [For The Fans]?' After we evaluated our progress through the first season, we came away with a resounding 'YES!' Year 2 for us is going to be focused on growing the brand. We evaluated what some of the other fastest-growing media outlets had done to gain traction and views. Yardbarker's Content Syndication Program was a constant across all the outlets. Hunter and I knew that an agreement with Yardbarker had to get done before our second season to aid in our brand's growth."

College Football Dawgs is an up-and-coming sports media outlet headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. With 100+ content creators, the outlet has averaged 36,000 views per month since it launched on June 10, 2023. College Football Dawgs also has an associated podcast, radio, and live-stream network called Dawgs TV.

Dworsky finished the interview by saying:

"Our writers are some of the best in the country. This deal will help us over the next few weeks as we go after some of the best writers in America. This agreement with Yardbarker is truly catapulting College Football Dawgs into its new era."

Check out the full interview in the video below.

In a dying world of corporate-owned sports media, why not join a movement to take back sports media and give the fans what they want?

College Football Dawgs is currently one of the fastest-growing sports media outlets in the country. If you would like to apply to be a Dawg, please send a copy of your resume to


The Full Interview with College Football Dawgs' Founders


The Yardbarker Syndication of College Football Dawgs is an agreement.

In the month of March, College Football Dawgs beat one of its competitors by nearly 9,000 views with about 30 fewer articles published in the month. College Football Dawgs has been beating this same competitor by about 6,000 views per month, on average, since June 2023 when College Football Dawgs launched. (Source - Google Analytics)


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