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College Football Dawgs Names New Executive V.P. as Part of Partnership Agreement

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

There is a seismic shift occurring in college football media today and College Football Dawgs is at the forefront of that new movement. In a partnership agreement executed on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, College Football Dawgs and College Football Frenzy have agreed to combine forces to challenge 24/7 Sports and On3 on how college football news and coverage is distributed to the masses starting on July 26th.


Leading this combined effort will be newly appointed Executive Vice President Tim Bailey, founder of College Football Frenzy, a 25,000 strong community of highly engaged college football fans. It is regarded as the #1 college football fan group in the United States. Bailey will help oversee day-to-day operations in the editorial and content department to help take College Football Dawgs to the next level.


A native of Ohio, Bailey is the owner of E&T Collectibles, and a professional when it comes to the college football media game as he is a veteran of such media outlets as Mike Farrell Sports and FanSided.

His knowledge and passion for the college game is second to none and knows what it takes to create traffic and buzz in the world of social media and will be a major asset to the College Football Dawgs team. Bailey credits Mike Farrell Sports and FanSided for helping his career grow to new heights.


He also credits long-time friend and College Football Dawgs own Kyle Golik as being instrumental in his decision to merge his army of fans with the Dawgs of college football ratings wars.


Golik had this to say about Bailey:

“I have known Tim Bailey for several years, he has always demonstrated high-end analytical abilities that get people to engage him and anything he has been associated with."
“Tim helped me to return and re-engage in writing last season with Mike Farrell Sports after years of writing locally. He was a key part of assembling a very successful team, and I am glad I was able to extend the olive branch to him so quickly with this endeavor, something that rarely happens in life, but fortunate to be able to.”


Bailey credits his community of fans and his extraordinary team of professional admins for the incredible success of College Football Frenzy over the last five years. He fully expects that success to continue with this merger, with such popular initiatives as the Pick’em and Bowl Mania to remain in place. The outlet also announced the forming of the College Football Frenzy "Dawg House" on Discord where the college football fan faithful will engage with reporters/contributors of College Football Dawgs and each other about breakings news and rumors across the country. College Football Dawgs President & Founder Hunter Dworsky said

"We are going to create the number one college football social space in the country. Our goal is to drop the breaking news we hear from our reporters in the chats to give our fans exclusivity and first-hand knowledge of shifting events in the college football world."


Also coming is an exciting new College Football Dawgs Media Network show with Bailey as the host: The Tim Bailey Show. He will also have his own producer for the times when he goes live on his show.


These are exciting times for College Football Dawgs, a passionate creation of President & Founder Hunter Dworsky and Co-Founder Collin Sutrick. As a national media outlet, College Football Dawgs strives to create professional content that best exemplifies our motto “by fans, for fans.” With nearly 70 reporters and 30 photographers, this partnership of media forces will be a combination-like of Barstool Sports and FanSided.


There is a new movement in college football media. It is a direct challenge to the status quo of how fans get their college football news and notes.


That direct challenge has a bold leader, and his name is Tim Bailey.

You can read more of Tim Baileys' articles on Mike Farrell Sports HERE.



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