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College Football Dawgs: Fan transfer application?

Fan Bases for Transfer Application Portal

Fan Transfer Application

With information readily available to virtually any human with a pulse, it is difficult to find listings of transfer portal entrants. We, at College Football Dawgs, wanted to create a one-stop shop for finding information regarding fans that have, or should, entered the transfer portal. Whatever you decide to do with the following information is totally up to you, the consumer. We highly recommend that you use this information with reckless abandon and go poke as much fun as humanly possible toward the following fans.


Fans of the Charlottesville, Virginia school are highly recommended to enter the fan transfer portal. This football program has not had a winning season since 2019 when they went 9-5 with an appearance in the Orange Bowl. In that time, to their credit, they did twice finish with a .500 record, but how things have changed. Under the direction of head coach Tony Elliott, whose offenses at Clemson were often considered among the best in the sport, things have gone from bad to worse. After finishing the 2022 season with a 3-7 record, 2023 has been a complete dumpster fire. With a 1-5 start to the season, matching last year's win total seems far-fetched. There certainly is not anything worth cheering for at Scott Stadium and therefore we highly recommend that Cavs fans worldwide enter the fan transfer portal.


I believe it is time for Nebraska fans to accept a bone-crushing cold hard truth-your football program sucks. Despite having a current streak of 392 consecutive sellouts (guaranteed to reach 396 by season's end), there just is not much to cheer for in regards to Big Red football. This once proud program has not had a winning season since going 9-4 and losing in the Music City Bowl in 2016. That is just dreadful for the red and white considering that they were tabbed the Team of the Decade for the 1990s. Things are so bad in Lincoln right now that even the volleyball program draws a more raucous crowd at Memorial Stadium. And with the resurgence of Colorado, Kansas, and halfway respectable programs at Iowa State, Iowa, and Kansas State, it is certain Nebraska fans could easily find a new landing spot.


How this program even has fans left that could possibly enter the fan transfer portal is somewhat of a miracle notwithstanding. The Bloomington, Indiana school has had exactly 2 WINNING seasons since 2008. In that time they are on their third head coach and the trajectory is as bad as it has ever been. Just give it up, folks, the Hoosiers are never going to be THAT program and as such, these fans deserve better. One can only hope that wherever these fans transfer to they have a safe landing spot and are welcomed by a padded room. I'm positive that they might need some protection after having been beating their heads against the wall for such a long time.


This once proud home of Nick Saban has certainly seen better days. After hiring the recently departed Mel Tucker, the green and white have had just one winning season and have been on a downward path since. With just that lone highlight since 2019, the East Lansing school has become the punch line of numerous jokes, especially regarding the cost of their former head coach. With an already subpar roster, the team is coachless, leaving virtually zero reason for hope and optimism. It is highly suggested that for the betterment of the fan's mental health going forward, a fan transfer portal application is required by doctor's orders. Spartan fans are ordered to have them filled out in full and returned no later than the earliest date possible.


With zero bowl games since the 2018 season and a 1-4 start to the 2023 season, there is no question why fans of this program have taken to hiding behind tree costumes. I would be embarrassed by this team as well. In today's day of NIL and realignment, I cannot find a way for them to get any better on the field, either. If you are so high society that you are afraid to make a change, I would recommend a certain fan base in Nashville that could use some help. Heck, for that matter just shut down the entire program and send your players to Nashville. That will make your transfer portal movement to the SEC so much easier.


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