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Breaking News: Kyle mccord named buckeyes starter for week 1 vs indiana

Ryan Day's handpicked QB from Philadelphia, PA, who was Marvin Harrison's QB in high school, was named starter for week 1 vs. Indiana. Ryan Day also noted that Devin Brown, who pushed for the starting job all off-season, has earned the right to play this Saturday as well. Day also noted in his press conference that Kyle McCord's consistency over the last two weeks was key in him being named the starter.

Ryan Day stated, "made the routine plays routinely and took care of the football." Still, Coach Day was noted saying that he and the coaches "have confidence in both" McCord and Brown.

Kyle McCord was a 5-star QB who has been in the Ohio State program for three years now. He was the backup QB to CJ Stroud for the last two years and is now entering his third year. Ranked as the number 28 prospect in the class of 2021, McCord enters with raw experience and just one start in his career, which came against Akron two seasons ago when Stroud had an injured shoulder. McCord has completed 41 of 58 pass attempts for 606 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions in his appearances over the last two seasons.

A pocket passer with a big arm, McCord will not be scared to throw the ball to his high school and current teammate Marvin Harrison Jr. McCord will have big shoes to fill considering the last three QBs who have started during the Ryan Day era have not only been first-round selections but Heisman finalists - the late Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields, and CJ Stroud.



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